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Leica M3 gallery32 photography

My friend Mike, from the Red Lyon Tavern, was kind enough to lend me his lovely Leica M3 camera.  Last Saturday I had some time to take it out and shoot a roll.  I love this camera and all of it’s little quirks. Focusing was a bit difficult but after a few frames I figured out how to line up the images in the viewfinder.  This camera is sturdy and suffice to say not something I would tote around with me daily. My arm was a wee bit tired after a few hours of carrying it around.  I am pleased with how sharp these photos are considering this camera is almost 60 years old and I was shooting wide open at f2.8.  These images were shot on a roll of Fuji Color 400 but I converted them to black and white mostly because I thought it made the shots were more interesting. You can view more of the photos on my flickr account!   Maybe this weekend I will take out my neglected Nikon F100. Hmmm.


Leica M3 trina baker photography

Birds black & white Leica M3 gallery32 photographysidewalk cafe Trina Baker Photography

Birds in flight gallery32 etsy

Eldridge light Lawrence Kansas Photographer

Alley Cafe Trina Baker Photography

Arch Trina Baker Photography

Grid Lawrence Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Today was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and a perfect day to test out my digital pinhole body cap.  The pinhole body cap didn’t come with any instructions so I set my camera to manual and began playing around with the shutter speed and ISO until I came up with a setting that worked. These images were taken at ISO 800 for 8 seconds. I edited them in black & white mostly because I like the atmosphere it gives the photos. This week I want to make this Hasselblad pinhole camera and shoot a roll with it. Doesn’t it look cool?

Nikon f100 Photos

Just a quick share of my first roll of film shot with my Nikon f100 film camera.  I used my 35mm lens at f2.8 and Konica 400 film. for these photos. The only edits were to adjust the levels and crop them square. I still have a lot to learn about some specific functions of this camera but I simply love how they turned out. I am heading to New Orleans this Thursday so come back for some photos of the Big Easy.


Hipstamatic D Project

My new twitter friend Yvette and I tried out the new Hipstamatic D app over the past week.  This is a camera app that allows you and your friends to take photos on the same roll of film like an old school disposable film camera. You can’t see the photos until all 24 shots have been taken and then the app notifies all of the photographers. I can see this being a fun app to use at a concert, party or any other social event. You can also simply use it solo and take the photos yourself.  Since I own the original Hipstamatic I don’t see myself using it much. That being said it is still a neat idea. Click on the image for a larger view.


Faux Polaroid SX70 Photos

As most of you know, if you read this blog regularly, I love all types of cameras. The Polaroid SX70 is one of my favorites in my collection mainly because it is so beautifully designed.  Can a camera be sexy? Yes.  The Impossible Project sells three types of film for this camera, PX70 Color Shade, PX100 Silver Shade and the PX70 Push. These films are experimental and are getting closer to replicating the original Time Zero film made for the SX70. My main problem with these film is that they are expensive. $25 for 8 exposures is WAY too much for me to shoot on a regular basis. So I have come up with a Photoshop mix, using the RadLab filter to replicate my vision of SX70 film.  Soft, muted tones which are dreamy and softly focused. I added the Polaroid border over at Picnik.  Even though it doesn’t have the texture, it works.  I simply adore the look of the SX70 and feel this is a logical and economical way to achieve it. I would love to know your thoughts.  Am I  close? Is there something I can improve on to make it more authentic?


52 Week Project/ Week 10

This week’s project camera is the Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR.  It is a plastic camera with a plastic lens and is a modern twist on an old classic.  I got this for a birthday present a few years back, however, I only ran one roll of film through it and the lab messed up the processing.  This is the first successful roll I have to judge how it takes photos.  There are a few adjustments you can play with, however, it is mostly a rangefinder camera.  The aperture can be changed between f7 and f11 with a shutter speed of 125.  The BBF has a 33mm lens and you can add the square mask inside the camera to crop the images square.  I will be trying that on the next roll.  You can also set the camera to Bulb mode which allows you to keep the shutter open for long exposures.  These images were taken while leaving my morning at the vineyard last week. I really like how vivid the colors are and the fact that the images have that toy camera feel.  Everything is slightly out of focus but it doesn’t bother me. I have more images to share with you all week!


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52 Week Project/ Week 6

The 52 Week Pr oject continues this week with the Hipstamatic app for iPhone.  This app is one of my favorites and one of the few photo apps that you can’t import photos to process them. You get to choose your film, lens and flash to achieve hundreds of combinations. I took these images with the Alfred fillm & Helga Lens.  I will be taking tons of photos using this app this week so be prepared to get your Hipstamatic fill.


Holga Alley Views

As promised here are a couple more images from the Holga 135 roll.  I cropped these to square to see what they would look like. Do you like them square or rectangle as I posted yesterday? I then edited them using the Instagram photoshop action by dbox. This is quickly becoming my favorite editing tool. I am starting a Wordless Wednesday post tomorrow so come back for a quick photo fix.


52 Week Project/ Week 5

This week I am featuring the Holga 135 35mm camera. I bought this little gem at Urban Outfitters.  They have an amazing collection of Lomo toy cameras and film.  I like that this camera is small, light weight and fits easily in your bag. It’s a fun little knock around camera that takes great photos.  I was hoping that there would be a bit more vignetting  in the images but oh well.  The images were of some clouds a couple of weeks ago. I like how stark they are. I will scan and share a few more images throughout the week.


52 Week Project/ Week 4

I had planned to feature my Holga 135 this week, however, the film will not be developed until Wednesday. So the feature this week will be Camera Bag App for iPhone. This was one of the first apps I bought and it is so fun to use.  You can either take photos within the app or import images you have previously taken. I used the Helga filter on this image.  Simple and elegant.

In the photo below I used the Italiano filter and then the Helga filter. I like the subtle sepia tone the Italiano filter adds to this image.

Finally, I used the 1962 & Helga filters on this image. The 1962 filter gives a bluish tint to the photo and when Helga is added it looks quite washed out.

There are 15 filters in the CameraBag app and I will try to explore many combinations throughout the week.  This app is so worth the $1.99 and many say it’s the only camera app you will ever need. I say more is better 🙂


52 Week Project/ Week2

This week we are going to focus on the Lensbaby Composer.  This is one of my favorite lenses. It has a unique tilt shift style that lends itself well to landscape images.  The Composer’s design is based on a ball and socket configuration that allows you to pick your central point of focus and determine how much blur you want to use. It’s really easy to use and easy to get carried away with the effect so some restraint is required.

I ventured out to Clinton Lake today to take some photos with this lens attached to my Nikon D300s.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on but then I saw these birds on a wire.

I then loved the shine and sparkle coming off the water.  It was the perfect situation for the Lensbaby.

And then to finish the day I shot the Marina & the dock.  I have really been trying to document the places I go from many perspectives.

Finally I edited these images with some new actions from dbox. He has taken all the loveliness of the Instagram app and made them into Photoshop actions. These actions come with all of the borders as well.  They are free to download and I will be using them quite often.


52 Week Project/ Week 1

Today begins my 52 Week Project and I thought since I missed “Roid Week 2011” I would start with my 104 Land Camera. The camera has a folding bellows, offers automatic exposure and uses the series 100 pack film.  It has a plastic lens and was made between 1965 and 1967.  I love this camera because it still feels very spontaneous and unpredictable.  No matter how many photos I take, I still can’t predict the exact result that I will get.  I am not saying that it is hard to use, actually, there’s not much too it.  The unpredictability comes from the act of pulling the photo out of the camera in the right way so the developer gets evenly distributed across the image.  I have gotten pretty good at it, however, that first photo after not using it for a while is usually not perfect. But that’s okay too.

So today I dusted off my 104 and headed over to Prairie Park to take some quick shots. That being said, nothing about taking photos with this camera is quick.  The film is somewhat expensive so you must choose & compose your shots carefully.  After the shot you need to wait 90 seconds to peel apart the negative from the photo.  Then you need to let the photo dry before tucking it away to scan later.  It’s not a horribly long process, however, it’s not digital.

This was the first photo I took and you can see I didn’t pull out the film evenly.


I did a much better job on this photo.

And the last one is almost perfect.  I will be blogging and posting  more photos using this camera all week.  If you miss a day all post for this week will be categorized under “52 Week Project” so you can find them later.