Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Today was Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and a perfect day to test out my digital pinhole body cap.  The pinhole body cap didn’t come with any instructions so I set my camera to manual and began playing around with the shutter speed and ISO until I came up with a setting that worked. These images were taken at ISO 800 for 8 seconds. I edited them in black & white mostly because I like the atmosphere it gives the photos. This week I want to make this Hasselblad pinhole camera and shoot a roll with it. Doesn’t it look cool?

4 thoughts on “Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

  1. Love, love, love these images! And I’ve never tried a digital pinhole body cap. You captured these beautifully.

    1. You should try the pinhole cap. There are many DIY versions out there. I would recommend the pre made version because they are designed to not let dust in your camera. Thanks for stopping by!

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