52 Week Project/ Week 10

This week’s project camera is the Blackbird Fly 35mm TLR.  It is a plastic camera with a plastic lens and is a modern twist on an old classic.  I got this for a birthday present a few years back, however, I only ran one roll of film through it and the lab messed up the processing.  This is the first successful roll I have to judge how it takes photos.  There are a few adjustments you can play with, however, it is mostly a rangefinder camera.  The aperture can be changed between f7 and f11 with a shutter speed of 125.  The BBF has a 33mm lens and you can add the square mask inside the camera to crop the images square.  I will be trying that on the next roll.  You can also set the camera to Bulb mode which allows you to keep the shutter open for long exposures.  These images were taken while leaving my morning at the vineyard last week. I really like how vivid the colors are and the fact that the images have that toy camera feel.  Everything is slightly out of focus but it doesn’t bother me. I have more images to share with you all week!


p.s. If you have a bar code scanner on your phone, scan the pink box on the right for a special discount code to use in my etsy shop.

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