52 Week Project/ Week 4

I had planned to feature my Holga 135 this week, however, the film will not be developed until Wednesday. So the feature this week will be Camera Bag App for iPhone. This was one of the first apps I bought and it is so fun to use.  You can either take photos within the app or import images you have previously taken. I used the Helga filter on this image.  Simple and elegant.

In the photo below I used the Italiano filter and then the Helga filter. I like the subtle sepia tone the Italiano filter adds to this image.

Finally, I used the 1962 & Helga filters on this image. The 1962 filter gives a bluish tint to the photo and when Helga is added it looks quite washed out.

There are 15 filters in the CameraBag app and I will try to explore many combinations throughout the week.  This app is so worth the $1.99 and many say it’s the only camera app you will ever need. I say more is better 🙂


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