A Photo Walk, Mary’s Lake|Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, KS

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Queen Anne's Trina Baker

Yellow wildflower Trina baker phtoso

Mary's Lake Trina Baker Photography

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Dried wildflower Trina Baker Photography

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Butterfly Trina Baker

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Autumn Kansas Field|Trina Baker Photography

Autumn is coming to Kansas. The days are getting shorter and the light is amazing right now. I went out for a walk to see what I could find in the changing Landscape. I found som really pretty things 🙂  These were shot with my Nikon D800, Lensbaby Edge80 optic then edited in Photoshop with ASE6. I am loving the Kodak Faded preset mixed with a bit of light filter. So pretty! Trina Baker Photography Portraits

Trina Baker Photography etsy

Trina Baker Photography gallery32

Kansas Autumn Field Gallery 32 etsy

Autumn In Kansas| Trina Baker Photography

I went out on a short jaunt through Prairie Park today.  I was hoping to find bits of Autumn in my favorite field and I wasn’t disappointed.  Lovely hues of red and yellow were about everywhere I looked. I edited these images with Kodak Porta UV from VSCO Film and then added a bit of RadLab to give them some drama.  I love all of the bokeh I was able to capture with my Lensbaby with Edge 80.  Autumn is my favorite time of year so be prepared for leaf overload 🙂


Autumn Red Leaves Field Kansas Landscape gallery32 etsy

Gallery32 etsy Autumn Yellow Fine Art Photos 8x8 Autumn Decor Modern Wall Decor

Gallery32 etsy Autumn Bokeh Red Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos

Autumn Yellow Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos Gallery32etsy

Autumn Red Bokeh Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos 8x8 photo Gallery32

Kansas Landscapes| Trina Baker Photography

Just a quick share of my little part of the world here in lovely Lawrence, Kansas.  Autumn is upon us and nature is beginning to show her colors.  I took these photos while driving my trusty Jeep around on the back roads puling off to the ditch to capture the beauty.  On my next adventure I want to find some proper Kansas Barns so stay tuned!

Autumn Kansas Field gallery32 etsy

Autumn Kansas Silo Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

Autumn Kansas Farm Trina Baker Photography

Wordless Wednesday, Pendleton’s Country Market| Trina Baker Photography

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Lawrence Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

Lawrence Kansas Photographer Gallery32 etsy

Autumn REd Flowers Gallery32 etsy

Kansas Monarch Macro Pink Flower 8x8 Photo

Monarch Butterfly Pink Flower 8x8 photo

Kansas Monarch Macro Pink Flower 8x8

Weekend Autumn Views

We are having an unexpected beautiful Autumn here in Kansas. It was so dry and hot over the Summer it was looking pretty bleak for Fall colors. I carried my camera with me everywhere this weekend and wanted to share these lovely Autumn colors with you.







On The Way To Work

Only drive to work I saw this glorious grove of Autumn trees and had to stop and shoot. Luckily I had my camera with me. I edited these on may iPad using the Photo Toaster app. Fun Saturday 🙂








The Country Farm

I had a portrait shoot at this delightful country farm. There were so many things to photograph and it was a perfect Autumn overcast day.  I was taken by the colors, light and rural objects that were all around. I edited these images in RadLab and added textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio. I wanted these images to be dark, dramatic and artistic so the photos reflected the mood of the day. It was an fun afternoon of shooting.


Rainy Dark Day

I looked outside just now and noticed that the street lights were on downtown and it’s only 5pm.  We had a much-needed rainy day and I had a difficult time staying awake.  I noticed the light being cast on this tree with a few Autumn leaves still clinging to it and snapped some photos.  Edited with Instagram, these are available in the shop as a set of 4.


Autumn In South Park

I wanted to get out and take some photos of the lovely Autumn we are having. Armed with my iPhone and a new photo app I stopped by South Park for a quick shoot. I edited these images with MyFilm app. This is a really cool app that let’s you control the brightness, contrast, vignette, and blur. It also has some really nice Toy Camera effects which work nicely with the other features of this app. You can also save the images to your camera roll, import existing photos, and tweet them when you are done. This is a great app for the price.









Autumn Beginings

I went out for a walk around the Prairie Park Nature Center to see if the leaves had started to change. Autumn is definitely on it’s way although you wouldn’t know it by the temperatures in the 80’s. I was surprised to find some tiny, dainty little purple and white flowers dotting the landscape.  I did manage to find some fall leaves in some lovely light.

On another note, I have decided to make some changes in the content of this blog so I am suspending my 52 Week Project.  I am just not getting what I thought I would while exploring this project. It has become more of a grind and chore than fun.  I am still going to feature more of my cameras just not in a weekly project. So look forward to a more tutorials and features of my fellow photographers and etsians.