52 Week Project/ Week 1

Today begins my 52 Week Project and I thought since I missed “Roid Week 2011” I would start with my 104 Land Camera. The camera has a folding bellows, offers automatic exposure and uses the series 100 pack film.  It has a plastic lens and was made between 1965 and 1967.  I love this camera because it still feels very spontaneous and unpredictable.  No matter how many photos I take, I still can’t predict the exact result that I will get.  I am not saying that it is hard to use, actually, there’s not much too it.  The unpredictability comes from the act of pulling the photo out of the camera in the right way so the developer gets evenly distributed across the image.  I have gotten pretty good at it, however, that first photo after not using it for a while is usually not perfect. But that’s okay too.

So today I dusted off my 104 and headed over to Prairie Park to take some quick shots. That being said, nothing about taking photos with this camera is quick.  The film is somewhat expensive so you must choose & compose your shots carefully.  After the shot you need to wait 90 seconds to peel apart the negative from the photo.  Then you need to let the photo dry before tucking it away to scan later.  It’s not a horribly long process, however, it’s not digital.

This was the first photo I took and you can see I didn’t pull out the film evenly.


I did a much better job on this photo.

And the last one is almost perfect.  I will be blogging and posting  more photos using this camera all week.  If you miss a day all post for this week will be categorized under “52 Week Project” so you can find them later.



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