Life in Leica | Trina Baker Photography

Leica M3 gallery32 photography

My friend Mike, from the Red Lyon Tavern, was kind enough to lend me his lovely Leica M3 camera.  Last Saturday I had some time to take it out and shoot a roll.  I love this camera and all of it’s little quirks. Focusing was a bit difficult but after a few frames I figured out how to line up the images in the viewfinder.  This camera is sturdy and suffice to say not something I would tote around with me daily. My arm was a wee bit tired after a few hours of carrying it around.  I am pleased with how sharp these photos are considering this camera is almost 60 years old and I was shooting wide open at f2.8.  These images were shot on a roll of Fuji Color 400 but I converted them to black and white mostly because I thought it made the shots were more interesting. You can view more of the photos on my flickr account!   Maybe this weekend I will take out my neglected Nikon F100. Hmmm.


Leica M3 trina baker photography

Birds black & white Leica M3 gallery32 photographysidewalk cafe Trina Baker Photography

Birds in flight gallery32 etsy

Eldridge light Lawrence Kansas Photographer

Alley Cafe Trina Baker Photography

Arch Trina Baker Photography

Grid Lawrence Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

4 thoughts on “Life in Leica | Trina Baker Photography

  1. How did you manage to get them on the pc? I am afraid to buy this camera only because of the fact that it might get hard to get the pics on the pc after I get them printed(I hope that’s the term?). Would a scanner do? I am getting this beautiful deal on it and I’m confused.

    Great pics!!!

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