March Tulips

I couldn’t resist photographing these lovely Spring Tulips.  I am so ready for Spring after this arduous Winter we have had.   I edited this image with my normal textures and actions, however, I wanted to try a tighter crop to focus more on the Tulips.  I really like the result and the square size.  It gives the image a more intimate feel.  Looking back at a photo I took last Spring I can see some growth in my work.  I might be getting the hang of this photo thing.  Which image do you like better?  I would love to know!


6 thoughts on “March Tulips

  1. Thank you for the ping-back, I appreciate it! I love tulips too, I’ve got more paintings of them on my blog along with the one you linked.

    I like your photo, the lighting and what it does to the colors is intriguing, fades the overall effect and yet heightens some of the details. Its a very selective focus, it would be fun to see a broader focus too.

  2. I love this photograph; not only because it’s beautiful but because it reminds me that spring may come yet. Just not now where I’m ad. Love your blog!

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