The Quenette’s|Trina Baker Photography Family Portraits


Super fun Saturday morning hanging out with the Quenette family, shooting photos and giggling.  Are you dying over those curly blond locks yet? South Park is one of my favorite places to shoot portraits.  I have done many sessions there and it always amazes me how different the park is on any given day. Although there weren’t any Spring flowers yet, I love the lush green of newly sprouted Spring trees and grass. And even though this is Jayhawk country, I will say “Go Bison!”


Awesome family poses for photos with Trina Baker Singing in the rain pose in South Park Lawrence Kansas Smiles arll around for Trina Baker Photography NDSU Bison father and son pose for photos Fun in the sun at South Park Lawrence Kansas

Juliette Turns Four! |Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, Kansas

She said in her best happy voice,  “Look at those tadpoles. They’re sooooo cute!”  I simply adore this litte girl. I have been taking her yearly photos since she was 6 months old.  It is a joy to see her growing up and becoming so curious and smart.  Here are some images from our last shoot.

On antoher note, I have started using BlogStomp  to post my photos in these really cool collages you see. LOVE it!


Lawrence, Kansas Midwest Portrait Photographer Trina Baker

Trina Baker Photography Juliette1

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, Kansas photographer

Lawrence, Kansas Portrait Photographer Trina Baker

Trina Baker Lawrence Kansas Portrait Photographer

Lawrence Kansas Kid Photographer Trina Baker


Wordless Wednesday, In My Kitchen |Trina Baker Photography

2014-04-30_0009 2014-04-30_0010 2014-04-30_0011

Kansas In Spring| Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, Kansas

I took a quick little walk around my neighborhood today and found some lovely Kansas Blooms. Everything is starting to change into lovely shades of Pink, Purple and green. Energized! I shot these with my Lensbaby Composer and the Edge80 optic. The edits were simply a quick white balance check, contrast and some enhancements with MCP Inspire actions. I love how subtle and customisable these actions can be.  Just a quick post today as I am heading out for a meet up with my Kansas City Shoot and Share group this evening.  I hope to share some photos and stories with you tomorrow 🙂


Pink Spring Tree Gallery32 etsy

Pink Tree Flower, Trina Baker Photography etsy

Purple Tree Blooms, Trina Baker Photography


Spring Kansas Blooms, Gallery32 etsy

Macro Photography, Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, Kansas

Wordless Wednesday, Hydrangeas| Trina Baker Photography

Textured Green Hydrangea Gallery32 etsy

Trina Baker Photography White Vase Green Hydrangea

Gallery32 etsy Green Hydrangea

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas Gallery32 etsy

Fine Art Photography Green Hydrangea Galllery32 etsy

Spring! | Trina Baker Photography

There were beautiful blue skies here in Kansas today. I couldn’t resist taking some quick photos of this lovely, white blooming tree in my neighbor’s back yard. Edited with a new iPhone app, PicTapGo and my new iPhone5, I love how bright and crisp these images are. This app is an amazing buy for 99 cents. It allows you to add filters, control the amount of each filter and share on social networks. Made by the creators of RadLab, it has some really awesome, yet simple, editing tools.





Spring Magnolias | Trina Baker Photography

These pretty Spring Magnolias were just begging me to photograph them. Luckily I had my trusty camera with me. Unfortunately, I only had my 85mm lens and not my favorite Lensbaby. I was little upset that I didn’t have it with me but decided that i should accept challenge and shoot with the lens I had. The 85mm lens was divine. I shot at f2.8 and bumped up my ISO to about 800 to adjust for the overcast day. I edited these in two different ways, stark and a matte finish. I like both for different reasons. Which do you like better? Hope you have a groovy day!







Vintage Camera, Dried Roses| Trina Baker Photography

I love this combo of vintage cameras and dried roses. It has been few days since I have posted here and I just wanted to share some images with you. My busy time of the year is slowing down so I will be around this space more often.  Cheers!


Trina Baker Photograph vintage camera dried roses

Mint Chevrons dried roses gallery32 photography

Dualflex camera dried roses

Pretty Pink Peonies

My lovely friend Lisa allows me to pick her pretty pink Peonies every year. Today I was at Target and saw this turquoise vase that I thought would set them off nicely.  So off I went to pick some Peonies to photograph. I thought I might show you the difference between three of the Lensbaby optics since each one has distinct qualities.

Let’s begin with the Double Glass Optic whose main feature is tack sharp center focus with radial blur. I really like the drama of this optic.

Taken with Lensbaby Composer with Double Glass Optic

Next is the Soft Focus Optic which creates velvety soft focus. I haven’t used this optic much but I love the painterly effect on this vase of peonies.

Lensbaby Composer with Soft Focus Optic

Finally, the Edge 80 Optic with it’s slice of blur and adjustable aperture. You know I adore this optic. It hardly leaves my camera. For me this optic has the sharpness of the Double Glass and the ability to soften areas like the Soft Focus Optic all in one lens.

Lensbaby Composer with Edge80 Optic

I really enjoy the flexibility the Lensbaby system gives me. I don’t have all of the optics…yet. Someday.  I wold love to know which optic you like best. Leave a comment so I know you were here.


Purple Spring Iris

I found these three Purple Spring Iris blooming in my backyard today. I decided to clip them and bring them inside to take photos.  I used my Lensbaby Composer with the Double Glass Optic. It has been a couple of months since I have used this optic and I had forgotten how much I like the effect. The focus is more circular than the the slice of focus you get with the Edge 80 which gives the images a super sharp sweet spot. I edited these with the Classic Color action from Florabella combined with the Vintage Wash and Sweet Tea enhancers.  I love how clean the edit is even though it has a slight vintage feel.  My new Nikon F100 film camera was delivered this week and I am excited to shoot some film images with the Lensbaby.