5 Simple Steps to a Watermark (pc)

I wanted to make a watermark for images that I show on the web, but I really didn’t have any idea on how to make a decent one.  After a little research I have combined a few different ways to go about it into one that is simple and works for me. So here we go!

click on images to see larger size

1. Open a new document (ctrl +N). You want the document size to be around 1600×200 pixels, dpi @ 300,  set the background to transparent.  You can make the image smaller if you like. Just remember it’s easier to shrink the text without losing any detail.

2. Next we pick a font, color, size and write our text. I chose a light grey, 36pt Century Gothic.     You can use your logo instead of text.

3. We want to then center the text and go to the layers palette and click the fx button, located in the bottom left, and chose bevel/emboss. This is going to give your watermark a raised and more professional look.

4. The bevel/emboss dialog box will pop up and there are some customizations you can make. Such as adding a drop shadow, adding texture or an inner glow. You should play around here until you get the look you are after.

5. Next we need to go to the top of the layers palette and change the opacity.  You probably want to set this somewhere between 50-65% depending on how much you want your watermark to stand out.

6. The final step is to save it as a psd file. When you want to use it on an image simply open it and drag it onto the image.  If it is too large go to edit>free transform (ctrl +T) and drag the corners to change the size. Remember to hold down the shift key to keep the proportions right. That’s it! If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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