Wooden Spoon Study | Trina Baker Photography

I was utterly bored today and decied to take some photos of spoons.  Shot with my D800 and Lensbaby, I crumbled up some dried flowers and went to work. These were edited with VSCO Porta 800+, MCP Inspire Actions and then topped off with some textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio. I think I am going to do more of these studies since it’s too damn cold to go outside. I can’t wait for Spring!


Wooden Spoons Tin Can Trina Baker Photography

3 Wooden Spoons Dried Petals Gallery32 etsy

4 Wooden Spoons Trina Baker Photography


Wooden Spoons Basket 8x8 Photo Modern Wall Decor, Kitchen Decor, Office Decor, Home Decor, Photography Trina Baker Photography


Winter Color | Trina Baker Photography

Cabin fever had set in with the Artic Vortex in full blast for the past couple of days. Today it was in the mid 30’s and I just had to get out of the house and take some photos. I was amazed by all of the splahes of color I found on my quick walk.  I took these with my Nikon D800 and my 85mm lens.  My intention was to edit them in black and white but then I ran the Epic action from MCP’s Inspire collection and the color just popped.  I love these actions because they are quite versitile and allow me to use my artisic painting skills to make the photos unique. These images are also available in the shop. Stay warm and fuzzy!


Winter Kansas Tree Light gallery32 etsy

Winter Kansas Pods gallery32 etsy Trina Baker Photography

Kansas Winter Bokeh Landscaper Trina Baker Photography gallery32 etsy

gallery32 etsy Kansas Winter Woods Light Trina Baker Photography

Gallery32 etsy Purple Winter Berries

A Kansas Winter | Trina Baker Photography

We had four inches of snow on Saturday so today I braved the frigid temps to go out and play with my new Sony QX10. This little gadget is a fully functional camera that attaches to your smart phone. At 22 megapixels and a 10x optical zoom it is a perfect fit for your phone. One of the coolest functions is that the lens has it’s own built in wifi so you can use it anywhere. The QX10 automatically sends your images to your phone, to edit and share on social media, and saves the images on the micro SD card. I haven’t owned a point and shoot camera in many years but I think I am going to enjoy this powerful lens 🙂

Happy Holidays!










Matte Wetlands| Trina Baker Photography

I haven’t done any personal shooting in a few weeks. Today I ventured out on a chilly Kansas day to take some photos of the wetlands. I wanted to experiment with some matte finish black and white images. Trying to capture the essence of the day, I think these photos work with the matte look I was going for.  The black and white combined with the tilt shift of the Lensbaby is also a neat look. Sometimes it’s good to play, experiment and grow as a photographer.  All of these images are available in my shop. Simply click on the photo and away you go!


Wetlands Winter Stream gallery 32 etsy

Black and white winter lake gallery32 etsy

Winter landscape Kansas stream Trina Baker Photography

Kansas winter pods gallery32 etsy fine art photographer

Snow Day| Trina Baker Photography

We finally got a substantial snow storm yesterday. 10 inches of fluffy white snow coated everything.  Today I was bold enough to step out with my iPhone and take some photos. I love the stark contrast of shadows against white snow.  Edited with the VSCO app and cropped in Snapseed, I really like the look of these black and white images. Sometimes I am always amazed what can be accomplished with my iPhone and a few apps.  Have a groovy weekend!


Winter Textured Trees| Trina Baker Photography

I went out to run errands today and decided to stop by one of my favorite spots to see if anything caught my eye. With my Lensbaby Composer with the Sweet 35 optic in tow I began exploring. I was really taken by the starkness of the trees against the bright Winter Sky.  When I began to process the images, I tried one in black and white just to see what it looked like and decided they looked even better.  I added some textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Artisan collection to give them some contrast.  Love the effect of colored textures over black and white images.


BW Trees Gallery32.net


Winter Textured  Trees Trina Baker Photography


Winter Trees Trina Baker Fine Art Photography


Textured Path Gallery32.etsy


Winter White Trees Trina Baker Photography

January Wetlands: Trina Baker Photography

It was a warmish day, about 45 degrees, which is balmy in January in Kansas.  I decided to take advantage and head over to the Baker Wetlands to shoot some photos.  These images were edited with Florabella’s Matte Action from her Colorplay Action Set and then textures were added using 2 Lil’ Owls Studio’s Nostalgia textures.  I really love the effect. I have used textures in the past, however, lately I have been a bit more bold with them. What are your thoughts on textures?  Do you like them subtle or bold? I would love to know your thoughts.



Trina Baker Photography Kansas Photographer


Landscape Photography gallery32 etsy


Kansas Landscape Photography Trina Baker


Textured Landscape Photography gallery32 etsy


Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas Photographer



Johnny In Hats, Trina Baker Photography

I wanted to share a quick session I did with my pal Johnny. Shot with my Nikon D800 and the 85mm lens, I just love the sharpness and detail I was able to capture. He is such a cool little guy and loves to indulge me in my impromtu photo shoots.


Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence Kansas Portraits

gallery32 photography, Lawrence Portrait Photography

Trina Baker Photography, Unique Lifestyle Portraits

gallery32, Lawrence Kansas Childrens Portrait Photography


Lawrence, Kansas Natural Light Portrait Photography