November Greys

It was finally a sunny day, not too warm, but a lovely day indeed.  Tired of being confined to the house I went for a walk and found some wonderful macro shots.  I didn’t want to process these in black & white because I wanted some of the subtle textures to show through. I decided to edit them with a washed out look to create the effect I wanted.  I have titled this series ‘November Greys’ and hope to shoot more as the days and weeks move on.


The Light in August

Sunlit Daisies 224/365 Project

I went to the grocery store and they were selling these lovely pink and white daisies for $1 a bunch.  When’s the last time you bought anything this pretty for a buck? So I brought them home, put them in a vase and took some photos.  I love how the light hits the petals and makes them almost disappear.  This image is now available in my shop and is also available in black & white.