Dried Roses|Trina Baker Photography

I spotted these dried roses on my work table and was smitten by the colors so of course I had to take some photos. I ran the Simple Cream, GeorgiaPeach and Silk Blend actions from MCP along with some of her Mood Ring overlays that were also included in this set. Love the subtle matte tones these actions can create. I then added some linen textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio to gove the images a vintage feel.  It’s always a good day when I have time to play in my studio.  Click on the images to see them in my shop!


Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Decor

Trina Baker Photography Colored Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Decor

Gallery32etsy Vase of Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Deco

Gallery32etsy Pink Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Deco

Autumn In Kansas| Trina Baker Photography

I went out on a short jaunt through Prairie Park today.  I was hoping to find bits of Autumn in my favorite field and I wasn’t disappointed.  Lovely hues of red and yellow were about everywhere I looked. I edited these images with Kodak Porta UV from VSCO Film and then added a bit of RadLab to give them some drama.  I love all of the bokeh I was able to capture with my Lensbaby with Edge 80.  Autumn is my favorite time of year so be prepared for leaf overload 🙂


Autumn Red Leaves Field Kansas Landscape gallery32 etsy

Gallery32 etsy Autumn Yellow Fine Art Photos 8x8 Autumn Decor Modern Wall Decor

Gallery32 etsy Autumn Bokeh Red Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos

Autumn Yellow Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos Gallery32etsy

Autumn Red Bokeh Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos 8x8 photo Gallery32

Kansas Landscapes| Trina Baker Photography

Just a quick share of my little part of the world here in lovely Lawrence, Kansas.  Autumn is upon us and nature is beginning to show her colors.  I took these photos while driving my trusty Jeep around on the back roads puling off to the ditch to capture the beauty.  On my next adventure I want to find some proper Kansas Barns so stay tuned!

Autumn Kansas Field gallery32 etsy

Autumn Kansas Silo Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

Autumn Kansas Farm Trina Baker Photography

Pretty Pink Spring Blooms | Trina Baker Photography

I went out to check the mail today and saw this pretty pink blooming tree and ran inside to grab my camera with Lensbaby Edge80 optic. It was an overcast day so the colors of the blooms were just popping off the tree. I edited these with Florabella’s Classic Workflow action mixed with a little Sweet Tea and Pink Fade. I also added a bit of texture and a subtle cloud background. I was hesitant about adding the cloud background, but after adding a layer mask and erasing a bit of it in places I like how it added a lovely blue tint to the images. Enjoy your week.







Playing With Textures

Today I wanted to be more creative with my processing so I decided to edit a few more horse photos with some textures and overlays.  I am not usually a big fan of over processed images, however, sometimes the image calls for just that treatment.  I like how the texture enhances the field,  horses and blur from the Lensbaby to give it more of a Summery feel. Dry, burnt and faded from the sun.   On the second image I added an overlay of one of my Black Eyed Susan photos with light opacity. I think it gives the image some depth. Do you like textural photos?  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


Pink Spring Tulips

The rain went away briefly this afternoon and I was able to sneak out for some quick shots of my blooming pink tulips.  I love it when my garden starts to bloom. I have listed these for sale in my etsy shop as single 8×8 prints and as a set of four 8×8 photos. What’s blooming in your garden this Spring?

A Spring Photo Shoot

I went out this afternoon for a photo shoot with two of my favorite girls.  This is the first time I have used my Lensbaby Composer and Edge 80 optic for portraits.  I must admit I was a little nervous and took along my trusty 35mm just in case.  As it turns out I didn’t need to worry. The 80mm focal length of the Lensbaby is perfect for portraits which is one of the features that made me purchase it.  I am glad that I took all of those Spring tree images to get a hold on what this lens is capable of. This lens will definitely take my portraits to the next level. Edited with Florabella Classic Film with Blue Ginger, I simply love the soft Spring tones.


Dried Roses

I took these photos of some dried roses this morning.  The textures and tones of dried flowers have always intrigued me. So I used the  app called 100 Cameras in 1.  This is a great tool for editing on the iPhone.  There are 100 filters and you can overlay as many as you want, tweak the transparency and favorite the ones you use often.  It does support full resolution and allows you to share with facebook, twitter, flickr and Instagram.  I used a few different filters on these to enhance the texture and feel of the dried flowers and I simply love the result. I will post these for sale later today in my etsy shop.


TtV Camera App

Today I decided to experiment with some images I took with the Lensbaby soft focus lens and edit them on my iPhone using the TtV Camera app. I love the grunge effect of the faux ttv and how it adds texture, mystery and depth to the image. This app has 21 simulated viewfinders from old cameras to choose from. I used the Duaflex on the first two images and the Brownie01 on the last two. There are also 3 color filters of blue, sepia and black & white. You can take photos in app or import them from your camera roll. The only issue I have with the photos is that they are not very large and therefore can’t be printed very large. Cheers to a great weekend! What’s everyone doing for the Super Bowl?