Summer Still Life|Trina Baker Photography, Gallery32 etsy

A few more still life images for today. These images, and the ones posted yesterday, are now available in my shop. Treat yourself and add one to your home ūüôā

Blue Hydrangea gallery32 etsy

Yelllow Flower Vase Gallery32 etsy Lawrence Kansas

Shabby Chic Hydrangea Gallery32 etsy Home Decor

Wooden Spoon Study | Trina Baker Photography

I was utterly bored today and decied to take some photos of spoons. ¬†Shot with my D800 and Lensbaby, I crumbled up some dried flowers and went to work. These were edited with VSCO Porta 800+, MCP Inspire Actions and then topped off with some textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio. I think I am going to do more of these studies since it’s too damn cold to go outside. I can’t wait for Spring!


Wooden Spoons Tin Can Trina Baker Photography

3 Wooden Spoons Dried Petals Gallery32 etsy

4 Wooden Spoons Trina Baker Photography


Wooden Spoons Basket 8x8 Photo Modern Wall Decor, Kitchen Decor, Office Decor, Home Decor, Photography Trina Baker Photography


Winter Textured Trees| Trina Baker Photography

I went out to run errands today and decided to stop by one of my favorite spots to see if anything caught my eye. With my Lensbaby Composer with the Sweet 35 optic in tow I began exploring. I was really taken by the starkness of the trees against the bright Winter Sky. ¬†When I began to process the images, I tried one in black and white just to see what it looked like and decided they looked even better. ¬†I added some textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Artisan collection to give them some contrast. ¬†Love the effect of colored textures over black and white images.


BW Trees


Winter Textured  Trees Trina Baker Photography


Winter Trees Trina Baker Fine Art Photography


Textured Path Gallery32.etsy


Winter White Trees Trina Baker Photography

Playing With Textures

Today I wanted to be more creative with my processing so I decided to edit a few more horse photos with some textures and overlays.  I am not usually a big fan of over processed images, however, sometimes the image calls for just that treatment.  I like how the texture enhances the field,  horses and blur from the Lensbaby to give it more of a Summery feel. Dry, burnt and faded from the sun.   On the second image I added an overlay of one of my Black Eyed Susan photos with light opacity. I think it gives the image some depth. Do you like textural photos?  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


Artistic Berries

I found these purple berries and really wanted to photograph them with some amazing bokeh behind them. I got a little carried away with the lens blur of my lensbaby, however, I think it works.  I edited them images in Photoshop using RadLab, then added some texture using Chasing Dreams amazing artist textures in their Tour of Europe collection. These textures are bold, colorful and not for the faint of heart. I used the Monet, Pissaro and Delacroix textures and I love how different they are. I love how they emulate the look of film by adding that extra element to the image that gives it warmth and soul.

Summer Bloom

I popped over to my neighbor’s yard to snap a photo of the last of her Iris. I really like the pop of red on the right side and the bright pinks in the flower. ¬†I will be working diligently on some new ideas this weekend. So look for a new line of wearable art pendants and rings next week in the shop.

A Simple Post

Summer Tulips

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.  ~Lao Tzu

Experiment in B&W

Floral B&W 161/365 Project

I thought this week I would do some black and white studies.  I have recently acquired some new actions and wanted to try them out.  This action is called Hobbit by OTSS.  I love how subtle the shift from black to white is with this action.  I also wondered how a colored texture would look on a B&W image so I added a warm painterly texture at about 25% opacity using color burn.  I like the little hints of color that show through.  I have a few more ideas which I will share throughout the week. I have added this to my etsy shop!


Bottles 127/365 Project

My good friend Megan told me that a new Salvation Army Store has opened in our town. This is a good thing since we have been without one for years. ¬†I love going there because you find the most interesting little things to take photos of and most of it is quite inexpensive. ¬†I walked past these jars and just started to think of all of the ways I could incorporate them into my photography. ¬†Who could pass these up for .49 cents a piece? Along with these jars I bought a tea-cup/saucer and another green glass bottle, which I will probably photograph tomorrow, all for $6. ¬† I will limit myself to only one trip a month because I don’t want to become a pack rat.

I ran the waterlily action from Florabella’s new Spring Action set. I love the tints of blue on the bottles. The action really highlighted the rustic feel of the bottles. ¬†I like a simple still life.


Peony Bud 125/365 Project

I had a photo shoot yesterday with my friend Sara’s little girls. OMG they were so cute! ¬†I captured some precious photos of them even though it was a cold, cloudy morning. The girls were troopers! ¬†I took this photo to gauge my settings on my camera before we started. ¬†This image was edited with some new Spring Actions from Ms. Florabella. ¬†I love the texture and painterly feel of the image and I really ¬†wanted that bud to stand out. ¬†The result is nice don’t you think? I have finally broken down and decided to add a watermark to my Facebook images. ¬†My problem though is that I didn’t know how to make one. Thanks to google I found a solution and will post a tutorial on the process later today. It’s a pretty easy thing to do. ¬† Until tomorrow!

5 Simple Steps to a Watermark


p.s. I almost forgot to talk about my pendant giveaway. You must have a Twitter account to enter! Good Luck!

Daffodil 80/365 Project

I ventured out to our backyard this afternoon and I found bunches of Daffodils that had sprouted up. The odd thing is, I didn’t plant them. ¬†I have lived here for 6 years and have never seen them before. Maybe they have been dormant or maybe I have a Daffodil Fairy who comes and plants lovely blooms all over my yard. ¬†Yea! Daffodil Fairy! ¬†So I snapped a photo and edited away in photoshop. ¬†I might have gone overboard a tad but I like the textures and the feeling that the sun is bathing them in light.


Pod 1 58/365

I had to get out of the house today because the sun was shining and I am tired of being stuck inside. ¬†I went out to one of out many walking trails and did a few miles. ¬†I really liked the way this image makes you feel very small. ¬†Sort of like you were climbing up the stalk. ¬†Spring is coming. ¬†I know this because the birds have started to return. ¬†Today I spotted a Cardinal, a Heron, a Hawk and a huge flock of Geese. ¬†I took some photos but let’s just say that my bird shooting skills are still a work in progress.