Mike & Diana Engagement Session| Lawrence, KS

These two are some of my favorite people on the planet. When we were deciding where to shoot their engagement photos downtown Lawrence was our first choice.

Mike and Diana live near downtown and have worked and played their for many years. We began in South Park and stopped at a few places along the way. Some were planned, break at the Red Lyon for a quick beer, and some were discovered along the way.

I was especially excited to find a new spot near Bon Bon and the new Lawrence Arts District that has so many possibilities for cool photos.

It was a really fun evening and I can’t wait for their wedding!


Couple pose for engagement photos in South ParkLawrence, Kansas

Engagement photos by South Park GazeboLawrence, Kansas

Couple posing for photos by South Park Fountain

Engagement couple colorful door Lawrence photography

Sunflower engagement photos in Kansas

The New Lawrence Public Library|Trina Baker Photography

I went to visit our lovely new Lawrence Public Library today.  What an amazing space for our community! In November of 2010 the citizens of Lawrence voted for a $19 million expansion to the current library. We love to read in LFK. The space is designed to accommodate a variety of community activities and acts as a central meeting place. There’s the “Teen Zone” a teen activity room with video game consoles and crafts, a children’s reading room, a large auditorium for lectures, community computers, self checkout kiosks and of course books. Lot’s of books.  There is also an amazing glass sculpture that hangs above the grand staircase by artist Dierk Van Keppel.  I love that my fellow Lawrencians understood the need to fund this project and in return the received an amazing space for the community. Awesome!

Trina Baker Photography


Trina Baker Photography

Trina Baker Photography



Interior Sculpture Trina Baker Photography


Interior Lawrence Library Trina Baker PhotographyTrina Baker Photography Library Scuplture

Trina Baker Photography

Fiction Loop Trina Baker Photos Lawrence Library

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Library

Fiction shelves Lawrence Public Library Trina Baker PhotosTrina Baker Photography

Summer Still Life|Trina Baker Photography, Gallery32 etsy

A few more still life images for today. These images, and the ones posted yesterday, are now available in my shop. Treat yourself and add one to your home 🙂

Blue Hydrangea gallery32 etsy

Yelllow Flower Vase Gallery32 etsy Lawrence Kansas

Shabby Chic Hydrangea Gallery32 etsy Home Decor

Kansas Wildflower Still Life|Trina Baker Photography

Today I went for a walk looking for something to inspire me to take photos.  I had downloaded the new Exposure 6 from Alien Skin and need to take some photos to experiment with this software. I found an abundance of wildflowers and decided to do some simple still life images.

Exposure 6 is amazing! I love it already and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it can do. It works as a filter within Photoshop or as a standalone app. While editing these images with some of the presets I had visions of new ideas that I could shoot. It’s funny how creativity works sometimes. These photos were edited with VSCO Kodak Porta VC in Adobe Camera Raw, imported into Photoshop and edited with Exposure 6 using the Polaroid 600 preset, light leaks and textures.  I. Am. In. Love.

Trina Baker Photography Gallery32 etsy

Gallery32 etsy Trina Baker

Trina Baker Photography Gallery32 etsyTrina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Cotton Candy & Bokeh|Trina Baker Photography

So I went back to the fair for some photos at sundown. So glad I did. I was like a kid in a bokeh candy store! The lights, the blur and the energy was amazing! The fair is still happening through the weekend so go check it out! Happy Friday!

Trina Baker Photography Larence Kansas

Carnival at Night Trina Baker Photography  County Fair

Carnival at Night Trina Baker Photography

Carnival at Night Trina Baker Photography Family Portrait Photographer




Douglas County Fair| Trina Baker Photography

I look forward to our little county fair every Summer. It’s very quaint and very Kansas. There are petting zoo’s, stick horse races demolition derbies and rides. Fun for everyone!  I like to go when there is nobody there. It’s nice to walk around and take some photos in what looks like a ghost town of sorts. Nothing is happening but you can feel it brewing. Maybe I was out in the sun too long today, but I love it!

I have taken photos of the fair many times. A lot of times, actually, with different cameras and lenses. Somehow the never look the same. My editing changes, I am seeing differently or the light is different. So I keep going back. I am going to try to go tonight at sundown to shoot when it’s all lit up and sparkly. I love the fair 🙂


Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, KSTrina Baker Photography County Fair Kansas Trina Baker Photography

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence KS Portrait Photographer

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Family Photographer

Trina Baker Photography, gallery32etsyDouglas County Fair Kansas Trina Baker Photography


Sully| Trina Baker Photography|Lawrence, Kansas

I got to meet this little guy last week. Sully is 11 months old and did not like my camera at all. All we were getting were frowny, old man faces. Then I started tickling his adorable little toes and he brightened up with so many smiles. Adorbs!
Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence, KS Portrait Photography Trina Baker Photography

Family Portraits Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence

Kid Photography Trina Baker Photography Kansas Portrait Photographer

Wordless Wednesday|Butterfly Garden|Trina Baker Photography

Butterfly Garden Gallery32 etsy flower shop

Butterfly Garden Gallery32etsy Butterfly Garden Gallery32 etsy Butterfly Garden Gallery32 etsys shop

Wildflowers | Trina Baker Photography

I ventured over to Prairie Park to take some photos of the lovely wildflowers in full bloom. There was a lovely breeze and the smell of Honeysuckle was delightful. A lovely Kansas day 🙂

Prairie Park Daisies

Prairie Park Nature Center Kansas Prairie Park Lawrence Kansas Prairie Park Nature Prairie Park Trina Baker Photography Prairie Park Wildflowers


VSCO Instant Film Set | Trina Baker Photography

I went to the South Park today to snap some quick photos before it got hot today. I wanted to play around with the VSCO Instant Film Set. LOVE.  These images were edited with the 669 preset. So warm and lovely.  I used to shoot a lot of Polaroid film, before they went out of business, so I was quite excited when this set was released.  I have tried some of the Impossible Project Film but it just wasn’t right for me.  These instant film ACR presets are just amazing!  I so love the matte finish and muted warm tones. They really represent what Polaroid film looked like.  These images were shot with my Lensbaby, of course, with the Edge 80 opetic and edited with the 669 film in one of the four presets. There are 22 film stocks with about 4-5 variations with each one.  Also, I added a subtle lens flare in Photoshop to add a little drama.  I would love to know your thoughts on these images.

Trina Baker Photography Fine Art Photography

South Park Gazebo Lawrence Kansas Trina Baker Photography

Yellow Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Purple Field Trina Baker Photography Gallery32

Gazebo Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography Kansas

Life in Leica | Trina Baker Photography

Leica M3 gallery32 photography

My friend Mike, from the Red Lyon Tavern, was kind enough to lend me his lovely Leica M3 camera.  Last Saturday I had some time to take it out and shoot a roll.  I love this camera and all of it’s little quirks. Focusing was a bit difficult but after a few frames I figured out how to line up the images in the viewfinder.  This camera is sturdy and suffice to say not something I would tote around with me daily. My arm was a wee bit tired after a few hours of carrying it around.  I am pleased with how sharp these photos are considering this camera is almost 60 years old and I was shooting wide open at f2.8.  These images were shot on a roll of Fuji Color 400 but I converted them to black and white mostly because I thought it made the shots were more interesting. You can view more of the photos on my flickr account!   Maybe this weekend I will take out my neglected Nikon F100. Hmmm.


Leica M3 trina baker photography

Birds black & white Leica M3 gallery32 photographysidewalk cafe Trina Baker Photography

Birds in flight gallery32 etsy

Eldridge light Lawrence Kansas Photographer

Alley Cafe Trina Baker Photography

Arch Trina Baker Photography

Grid Lawrence Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

The County Fair

Our yearly county fair is this week and I went over to take some photos. I used my Lensbaby with the Edge 80 optic which, combined with processing in RadLab, gives these images a dreamy feeling.  I have taken many photos of the fair with my Polaroid, iPhone and TTV cameras yet I think these are by far my favorite.  Well, at least until I get a new lens 😉  I hope that you have a great weekend!