What Can You Do In 20 Minutes?| Trina Baker Photography

Recently I have been thinking about what one could accomplish in 20 minutes. Specifically, could I shoot a photo session in 20 minutes and achieve quality images that meet my clients needs. For the last two weekends I have offered these mini sessions as a trial run and the results were awesome! My clients love the idea because they can fit it into their busy weekends. I love it because I can offer my services to more clients while giving them quality photos.

The family below were one of my guinea pigs for these sessions. They wanted family photos with their daughter before the new baby arrives. It was perfect for them! We have already booked another session a few months after the baby arrives. They would rather have three smaller sessions a year than one longer session to document their family.

While I will still offer my full sessions, I am going to offer these 20 Minute sessions seasonally. If you want to be notified about these sessions simply sign up for my mailing list. I promise not to bug you too often!ūüėä

Rose Garden, Gage Park,Topeka|Trina Baker Photography

I had a photo shoot this morning at Gage Park in Topeka. Of course I had to stop by the Reinisch  Rose Garden for some photos. I have attended many weddings there and have some fond memories of this beautiful garden.  It was a truly enjoyable experience to wander around, take some photos and breathe in all the amazing scents. A lovely morning indeed.  I will share the photos from the shoot early next week. Have a lovely weekend!


Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography

Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography Kansas

Rose Garden Gage Park Trina Baker Wedding Destination

Rose Garden Trina Baker Engagment Photography Destination

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas family photography

Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photographer Lawrence Kansas

My Session With Bella

Here are a few photos from my shoot with the lovely Bella last weekend. She is such a precocious little girl with energy for days. One of my goals this year was to down my editing to cleaner edits. I think I was being a bit heavy-handed and I want the images to look fresh and modern with a touch of vintage. Does that make sense? Anyway, I like the way my first two session edits have gone this year.  I would love to know your thoughts.



My Day With J.

I had the best day taking photos with my little friend “J”. ¬†We ran around the park, got on the swings and bobbled on horses. Well we didn’t, she did. ¬†So I wanted to share some photos from the day. ¬†She is such a treat to photograph. ¬†I took along the Lensbaby for the first time on a shoot. ¬†I like the effect, however, I still need to do some more experimenting with portraits. Just can seem to find the sweet spot on faces. Oh well, live and learn.




Just popped out to my front yard to snap a photo of the emerging Black Eyed Susans on a lovely overcast day. I love the dreamy, old world feel of this image.  I think the pink and maroon tones mixed with the mossy greens reminds me of an old Polaroid. I used my Lensbaby Composer lens to enhance the blur and selective focus.

I have been a hard working girl for the past three weeks and yesterday I rewarded myself.  I bought myself a 105mm f2.8 macro/telephoto lens.  I love macro photography and this lens is considered to be one of the best lenses for portrait photography as well.  I will share some photos I take with it as soon as it arrives.