Lensbaby Macro | Trina Baker Photography

Just a few quick shots taken with my Lensbaby with macro attachment. While I am not too fond of matte processing, on these images it seems to work. There is hardly any black or sharp contrast so the matte processing adds a certain mystery to these photos. What do you think? Does it work or not? I would love to know your thoughts!  Here’s hoping to fun outdoor weekend plans!

Trina Baker Lawrence, Kansas photographer


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Trina Baker Lawrence, KS Portrait Photographer


Dessert In B&W| Trina Baker Lawrence,Kansas Photographer

In addition to my love of photography, I also have a passion for baking.  Since it’s St. Valentine’s Day I decided to make a flourless chocolate cake and photograph the process. I am not a food blogger, my friend Megan over at The Flying Fork has that niche covered.  Nor would I consider myself a food photographer.  I do, however, love to photograph kitchen utensils, bowls, mixers, spoons and other items you might find in a kitchen.  That is why I decided to edit these images in black and white. Well, that and the fact I am in one of those phases. I wanted to focus on the shapes, lights and patterns created when making food and that is just easier without color.  Which raises a question. Can you make successful food images in black and white?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Baking Trina Baker Photography

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Chocolate Bokeh Trina Baker Lawrence, KS Photographer


egg whites

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spring pan

Trina Baker Photography

Playing With Textures

Today I wanted to be more creative with my processing so I decided to edit a few more horse photos with some textures and overlays.  I am not usually a big fan of over processed images, however, sometimes the image calls for just that treatment.  I like how the texture enhances the field,  horses and blur from the Lensbaby to give it more of a Summery feel. Dry, burnt and faded from the sun.   On the second image I added an overlay of one of my Black Eyed Susan photos with light opacity. I think it gives the image some depth. Do you like textural photos?  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.


Angel Food & New iPhone App

Most days I don’t know what I will post on this blog. I usually go about my day until something interesting happens or I am inspired to take photos. Today was a pretty mundane day of house cleaning and grocery shopping. Blah. I decided to make an Angel Food cake to top with fruit for dessert tonight and thought it might be the perfect time to try out my new iPhone app VSCO CAM.  My friend Yvette turned me on to this app and I love it. Simple, elegant processing with the ease to upload to twitter, facebook & Instagram. It is my new go to app.

White Spring Blooms

It was a beautiful, sunny 80 degree day today and I went out to take some photos. I found this lovely white tree that is just starting to bloom. Taken with my Lensbaby Edge80, I then edited them in Photoshop.  I used the Classic Film action, by Florabella,  with just a hint of Blue Ginger. I love the subtle, soft, pastel tones. Another gorgeous day on tap for tomorrow so I will out and about with my camera.


February Light

 Since I have been extremely lazy this week which resulted in not one trip to the gym, I decided I needed to get out for a long photo walk. Today was a perfect, sunny, 57 degree day. Armed with the Lensbaby Composer I walked around Mary’s Lake for 90 minutes taking photos along the way.  You really have to search for interesting things to photograph in Kansas in February.  I usually look for texture, light and color, if I can find it. Today I was taken with the low afternoon light that was skimming over the water and peeking through the trees.  The new Lensbaby optic, Edge 80,  is coming my way next week. I will have more selective focus goodness to share. Enjoy the weekend!


My Lunch At Ingredient

I headed downtown before work to grab a salad from Ingredient.  I snapped a photo for my iPhone 365 Project  and then I took a couple more.  You know me, I can’t stop at just one. These images were edited with instagram and the Branan Filter.  This is one of my favorite filters in this app. It creates muted, soft tones with a subtle bleached out look. Tomorrow I will be back to share some photos from my session this weekend with another Lawrence Munchkin.


My Day With J.

I had the best day taking photos with my little friend “J”.  We ran around the park, got on the swings and bobbled on horses. Well we didn’t, she did.  So I wanted to share some photos from the day.  She is such a treat to photograph.  I took along the Lensbaby for the first time on a shoot.  I like the effect, however, I still need to do some more experimenting with portraits. Just can seem to find the sweet spot on faces. Oh well, live and learn.




Winter Solstice 2011

Today is the Winter Solstice and although it started out chilly and blah this afternoon is Sunny and 48 degrees.  Today I also received two new Lensbaby optics. Merry Christmas to me! I took advantage of this amazing day to go for a walk through the wood to try out my Lensbaby Single Glass Optic and the Soft Focus Optic.  I didn’t think I could love this lens more until today. I just adore how creative I can be by just swapping in a new optic or aperture. I think these optics will be especially nice on portraits and I can’t wait until my next session. As you probably guessed, I will be posting about these optics for a couple of days.