Delaney, Senior 2017|Trina Baker Photography, LFK

I hope you all are not sick of me posting videos. Hahaha!  My goal is to be more creative while showcasing my work. These slideshows are really fun way to market my work and I love how dynamic they are! The plan going forward is to add video clips from my shoots as well. Also, my senior girls love them 🙂

Personal Branding Sessions|Trina Baker Photography


As the saying goes, “You never get a chance to make a first impression.” That has never been more true than it is today. In our ever changing digital world we scroll past images and posts on our social media at lightning speed stopping only when something catches our eye. You need a captivating image. Unfortunately, a lot of us are not utilizing our profile photos to their potential.

How many of you have a phone snapshot as your LinkedIn profile photo?

Maybe you have a photo you took with a friend and cropped them out to use as your profile photo?

We are all guilty of this, even me! If you are in any type of business you need to have a headshot that speaks to you as a professional. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an amazing portrait of yourself ?


Summer, Senior 2016|Trina Baker Photography

Ms. Summer and I wondered around campus finding beautiful Autumnal scenes to shoot her senior photos. We the went to shoot some urban shots in lovely downtown Lawrence. Such a fun day with a fun girl ❤

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas







Mother & Daughter Shoot|Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, KS

I had the pleasure of shooting these lovelies last week. Their bond is so sweet and loving. We giggled, smiled, twirled in tutu’s and had a really fun afternoon shooting. Memories to be treasured for a lifetime ❤

Trina Baker Photography Studio Portraits Trina Baker Lawrence Kansas Photographer

Studio portrait session Trina Baker Photography Trina Baker Photo Studio Lawrence Kansas Trina Baker Photography Portraits Mother & Daughter Trina Baker PhotographyStudio Portraits Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Rose Garden, Gage Park,Topeka|Trina Baker Photography

I had a photo shoot this morning at Gage Park in Topeka. Of course I had to stop by the Reinisch  Rose Garden for some photos. I have attended many weddings there and have some fond memories of this beautiful garden.  It was a truly enjoyable experience to wander around, take some photos and breathe in all the amazing scents. A lovely morning indeed.  I will share the photos from the shoot early next week. Have a lovely weekend!


Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography

Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography Kansas

Rose Garden Gage Park Trina Baker Wedding Destination

Rose Garden Trina Baker Engagment Photography Destination

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas family photography

Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photographer Lawrence Kansas

Old Tin Shack

I went over by the Kansas River today to shoot some photos of it frozen over. However, on the way I spied this old tin shack next to Johnny’s Tavern. Couldn’t resist taking photos. I never made it to the river. I love it when I discover something new to shoot in my town.






Japanese Friendship Garden

A few quick photos from my visit to the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Lawrence, Kansas.  This garden was built to honor the 10 year anniversary of Lawrence’s relationship with its sister city, Hiratsuka, Japan.  It is a wonderful place to be quiet and enjoy the lovely Peony blooms in the Spring.  There are also some beautiful Iris in the garden as well.


52 Week Project/ Week2

This week we are going to focus on the Lensbaby Composer.  This is one of my favorite lenses. It has a unique tilt shift style that lends itself well to landscape images.  The Composer’s design is based on a ball and socket configuration that allows you to pick your central point of focus and determine how much blur you want to use. It’s really easy to use and easy to get carried away with the effect so some restraint is required.

I ventured out to Clinton Lake today to take some photos with this lens attached to my Nikon D300s.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on but then I saw these birds on a wire.

I then loved the shine and sparkle coming off the water.  It was the perfect situation for the Lensbaby.

And then to finish the day I shot the Marina & the dock.  I have really been trying to document the places I go from many perspectives.

Finally I edited these images with some new actions from dbox. He has taken all the loveliness of the Instagram app and made them into Photoshop actions. These actions come with all of the borders as well.  They are free to download and I will be using them quite often.


Spring in Kansas

It was rainy here today, however, there was a short break in the rain so I rushed out to snap a photo of my neighbor’s Iris. I like taking photos on overcast days. The colors are saturated and crisp and the light is subtle but clear.  BTW, what do you think of the new blog layout?  It’s not terribly different but I like it.