Along the Kansas River|Trina Baker Photography

Another beautiful January Kansas Day and I ventured to take a walk along the river. Yesterday I received my new Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Sweet 50 optic so I had to go play. This lens has a sweet spot in the middle with a 50mm focal length. These images were edited with Alienskin Exposure 7 using the Kodacolor 1942 preset with light leaks on some images. Until today, I really haven’t had a lot of time to play with Exposure 7. There are so many film emulating presets one could play forever! Love it!


TBP_5148Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, KS portrait photographyTBP_5172TBP_5155TBP_5157TBP_5153TBP_5168

Foggy River Park

foggy river park

I went down by the river today to watch the second implosion of the Kansas Turnpike Bridge. The morning was so erie, foggy and calm that it felt like zombies could come walking out of the mist at any second.  The detonation was delayed  by 30 minutes so  while I was waiting I captured some images of the rolling river fog.  I am glad that I woke up early to see the event because it was a great start to my day.