Saturday Garden | Trina Baker Photography

I was out on a portrait shoot this morning and after it was over I decided to snap some photos of the lovely Summer garden.  The Daisies and Coneflowers were in full bloom and so pretty.  This week I bit the bullet and purchased a set of presets for ACR from VSCOFilm.  Today was the first day I had to experiment with them and I have to say, I am loving them!  These presets are designed to give you the look and feel of classic film stocks. They do a great job don’t you think?  There are 11 differnt films from Fuji, Kodak and Ilford with 4 variations of each.  I had a difficlut time choosing which one to use but finally settled on Kodak Porta 400.  You will see a lot of my photos edited with these presets in the near future.

Happy Saturday!


Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography


Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas Photographer

Trina Baker Photography

Lawrence, Kansas Portrait Photographer


I was out on a portrait shoot yesterday and I spied these amazing butterflies flitting around the park.  This particular butterfly is called the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, Papilio glaucus. Thank you google. The wingspan of this creature is around 3-5 inches and it is quite common in this area. Happy butterfly day.


p.s. Both of these photos are available in the shop.

Thursday Photos

I wanted to experiment with different planes of focus in today’s images.  Usually I focus on the foreground to get that lovely shallow depth of field as in this first image. I was working with shifting the focus to the middle of the plane as you can see in the second image. The red flower is in focus and the foreground is not. I like how your eye shifts through the plane to find the focus. It’s a technique I am going to play around with to see what results I can achieve. Don’t forget about my BOGO sale running through the end of the month.


Spring Pink Tulips

The Tulips in my garden have started to bloom. I shot this with my new Lensbaby and edited this in Photoshop with some actions and textures. I love the bright pink and greens. It has an underwater feel to it.  As always you can find this in my etsy shop. Or you can just click on the photo and it will take you there.


Tuesday’s Photo

Bloom 231/365 Project

I took this image of my neighbor’s flowering plant.  I am not sure what sort of plant it is, Hosta maybe, but I like the flower.  Do Hostas bloom? It is a mild cloudy day here so the colors of the world were just amazing.  I only ran a slight color action because the colors SOOC, straight out of camera, were already quite nice.  My 365 Project is clicking along.  I am already trying to decide what to do for my next project.  Any thoughts?


Tales of a Garden Killer

Grungy Flower 205/365 Project

This photo is the last blooming flower in my garden.  This sad little Cone Flower that has managed to survive a the extreme Summer heat that we have in Kansas.  The heat is not entirely to blame, because I have been awful about watering.  We have had days of torrential rain and then weeks of drought so I forget to water. Oh well, I shall just cut it all back and plant some Autumn plants.  Any suggestions?


A Wonderful Morning!

Water Lily 197/365 Project

Up early this morning to do a photo shoot with the lovely Ms. Bella at her Grandmother’s house.  The backyard was simply lovely with a variety of seating areas throughout and a Koi pond.  I had a wonderful time taking photos of Bella and all of the eye-catching things in this blooming secret garden.  I added some texture to this  photo to give it a more painterly effect.  I am going to have to visit here again someday.


Bonus Post: Seedlings


A quick post to show you my new Zenia seedlings that I am growing for the garden.  I love the depth of field captured in this photo thanks to the ‘Nifty Fifty’



Flower Garden

I went over to South Park today and took some photos of all the lovely flowers that have sprung up. It was a bit warm today but it was worth it. I took a ton of photos and you can see them over at my flickr page. I have only uploaded a few, but there will be more in the next few days. My new 50mm lens is amazing. I love the selective focusing that I can achieve along with amazing depth of field. Another neat feature is that the image scale is almost equal to the human eye. It is said that shooting with the ‘Nifty Fifty’ will make you a better photographer. We shall see.



Front Yard 246/365


Front Yard 246/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

I took a walk through my neighborhood yesterday and found this cute little house with this lovely container garden in the front yard.