Lensbaby Velvet 56|Trina Baker Photography

I got an early birthday present yesterday! A lovely new Lensbaby Velvet 56. It is such an elegant lens. The build quality is solid and the focus ring is so smooth. I just couldn’t wait to shoot with it! Today, after lunch with friends, I ventured out around downtown Lawrence to try it out. I found so many flowers, my fave, and just had a blast shooting with this lens on my D800. I shot on my Mobi EyeFi card so I could transfer the images to my iPad to edit with VSCOcam.  Love the result. I can’t wait to shoot some portraits next week with my senior model. 

  Trina Baker  Photography Lawrence Kansas  

flowers trina baker lawrence kansas photographer  

black and white photo trina baker  

pink flowers trina baker photography  

lensbaby velvet 56 Trina Baker Photography  

black and white flowers trina baker portaits  

lensbaby macro trina baker portrait photogrrwphy  

pink peonies trina baker photography  

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas
white flowers trina baker portrait photography

Rose Garden, Gage Park,Topeka|Trina Baker Photography

I had a photo shoot this morning at Gage Park in Topeka. Of course I had to stop by the Reinisch  Rose Garden for some photos. I have attended many weddings there and have some fond memories of this beautiful garden.  It was a truly enjoyable experience to wander around, take some photos and breathe in all the amazing scents. A lovely morning indeed.  I will share the photos from the shoot early next week. Have a lovely weekend!


Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography

Rose Garden Trina Baker Photography Kansas

Rose Garden Gage Park Trina Baker Wedding Destination

Rose Garden Trina Baker Engagment Photography Destination

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas family photography

Gage Park Rose Garden Trina Baker Photographer Lawrence Kansas

Dried Roses|Trina Baker Photography

I spotted these dried roses on my work table and was smitten by the colors so of course I had to take some photos. I ran the Simple Cream, GeorgiaPeach and Silk Blend actions from MCP along with some of her Mood Ring overlays that were also included in this set. Love the subtle matte tones these actions can create. I then added some linen textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio to gove the images a vintage feel.  It’s always a good day when I have time to play in my studio.  Click on the images to see them in my shop!


Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Decor

Trina Baker Photography Colored Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Decor

Gallery32etsy Vase of Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Deco

Gallery32etsy Pink Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Deco

Wordless Wednesday: Wildflowers

Spring Magnolia’s

More Spring Magnolia madness from yesterday. I took these with the Lensbaby Composer with the Edge 80 optic.  I then edited them in Photoshop with Florabella’s Classic Film Action.  I really like how clean and fresh the color is. I have listed these images in the shop today. Enter coupon code MARCHMAD to receive 30% off at checkout. Today is Instameet-up day so I am off to meet up with fellow Instagramer Traci Bunkers for some coffee and photos on a dreary Lawrence day. Happy Sunday!


Wordless Wednesday: Sweet Roses


Tuesday Yellow Tulips

It’s too cold to be outside shooting today, so I picked up some yellow tulips at the grocery. I needed a splash of color today.  I edited these with the newest Classic Workflow actions from Florabella.  I have only had a day to play with these actions and I can tell I will have so much fun using them to edit future shoots.  These are now listed in the shop and you can pop over there by clicking on the photo. I will be sharing some images from my latest portrait session tomorrow so be sure to stop by.



A Hydrangea Study

I bought these Hydrangea at the grocery store today because they were cheap, $6.00,  and they are my favorite flower. You don’t really see Hydrangea this time of year so I jumped at the chance to take photos of something that is not grey and blah.  I was really drawn to the subtle blue tips and wanted to enhance them a in processing.  Shot outside on an overcast day between raindrops, the tones are light, crisp and bright. It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow so hopefully I can get out to take some photos. Until then, head over to my etsy shop and check out the BOGO sale on 8×8 prints. You can get two photos for $25 and free shipping!


November Greys

It was finally a sunny day, not too warm, but a lovely day indeed.  Tired of being confined to the house I went for a walk and found some wonderful macro shots.  I didn’t want to process these in black & white because I wanted some of the subtle textures to show through. I decided to edit them with a washed out look to create the effect I wanted.  I have titled this series ‘November Greys’ and hope to shoot more as the days and weeks move on.