Dried Roses|Trina Baker Photography

I spotted these dried roses on my work table and was smitten by the colors so of course I had to take some photos. I ran the Simple Cream, GeorgiaPeach and Silk Blend actions from MCP along with some of her Mood Ring overlays that were also included in this set. Love the subtle matte tones these actions can create. I then added some linen textures from 2 Lil’ Owls Studio to gove the images a vintage feel.  It’s always a good day when I have time to play in my studio.  Click on the images to see them in my shop!


Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Decor

Trina Baker Photography Colored Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Decor

Gallery32etsy Vase of Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Deco

Gallery32etsy Pink Dried Linen Roses 8x8 Flower Photography Home Decor Photo Modern Wall Decor Nursery Decor Office Deco

Summer Pink Daisies Brighten Any Room

I loved these Summer pink daisies so much I had to bring them home and throw them in a Mason Jar to brighten up my kitchen. Of course I had to take some photos of them using my new Sweet 35 optic for my Lensbaby. I wanted the pink to really pop so I used a little color pop action from Florabella to enhance the color. I then added a bit of texture to give it a vintage feel.  Imagine having these images to brighten up any room in your house all year long.  How would you hang them? In a vertical row? Horizontal Row? Diagonal Row? The possibilities are amazing.


Before & After

I write a lot about my process here and the steps I use to edit my images. I thought today I would post a before image along with the final image so you could see where I begin and finish. On this image I edited the tones and colors and then added the “Bordeaux” texture from the Chasing Dreams Collection.  The textures in this collection are amazing!  I love the translucent qualities in this photo and, of course, the bokeh is just dreamy.  I will be updating the shop today with some more Orchid images.


Shared Peonies

I had a busy weekend of work, friends and baking cupcakes.  My friend let me cut some of her lovely Peonies to photograph.  I wanted to move away from the washed out pastel tones and make an image that was more vivid. I took them outside to get some bright light and I like how the white flower is a bit washed out.  I added a textured background to give it some depth.  This weekend I also brainstormed about some new ideas for the blog and my etsy shop.  Look for some subtle changes this week.


A Wednesday Sale!

So today I am featured on Heartsy! You can purchase a coupon for $16 and get $40 of credit to use in my shop. How FAB is that? The deal runs through tomorrow at 8am.


Earth Day Sale

In honor of Earth Day I am having a 50% off sale on my floral prints through Sunday at midnight.  These prints normally sell for $22.50 but this weekend I am offering them for $11.25.  I have organized these 100 photos in a sale section in the shop. Have a great weekend!


Snowy Winter Field

I went out to take photos of the recent snow and came across this field.  I like the brown dots of dried flowers and the subtle white in the background.  I added a texture to the image to bring out the orange and yellows.  The texture warms up the tonal range to give the photo the feeling of film.  I have added this image, along with a few others, to my etsy shop. I hope you have a lovely day.


Autumn Macro

I am having too much fun with macro lens for my iPhone. These are some images from the dying plants in my yard. I edited the photos with a free app called Phototreats. The best part is it’s FREE and they are giving away a FREE filter pack when you download. So if you have an iPhone, go and download it. You can see the other images I took over at flickr.


A Wonderful Morning!

Water Lily 197/365 Project

Up early this morning to do a photo shoot with the lovely Ms. Bella at her Grandmother’s house.  The backyard was simply lovely with a variety of seating areas throughout and a Koi pond.  I had a wonderful time taking photos of Bella and all of the eye-catching things in this blooming secret garden.  I added some texture to this  photo to give it a more painterly effect.  I am going to have to visit here again someday.