What Can You Do In 20 Minutes?| Trina Baker Photography

Recently I have been thinking about what one could accomplish in 20 minutes. Specifically, could I shoot a photo session in 20 minutes and achieve quality images that meet my clients needs. For the last two weekends I have offered these mini sessions as a trial run and the results were awesome! My clients love the idea because they can fit it into their busy weekends. I love it because I can offer my services to more clients while giving them quality photos.

The family below were one of my guinea pigs for these sessions. They wanted family photos with their daughter before the new baby arrives. It was perfect for them! We have already booked another session a few months after the baby arrives. They would rather have three smaller sessions a year than one longer session to document their family.

While I will still offer my full sessions, I am going to offer these 20 Minute sessions seasonally. If you want to be notified about these sessions simply sign up for my mailing list. I promise not to bug you too often!ūüėä

Cotton Candy & Bokeh|Trina Baker Photography

So I went back to the fair for some photos at sundown. So glad I did. I was like a kid in a bokeh candy store! The lights, the blur and the energy was amazing! The fair is still happening through the weekend so go check it out! Happy Friday!

Trina Baker Photography Larence Kansas

Carnival at Night Trina Baker Photography  County Fair

Carnival at Night Trina Baker Photography

Carnival at Night Trina Baker Photography Family Portrait Photographer




Wildflowers | Trina Baker Photography

I ventured over to Prairie Park to take some photos of the lovely wildflowers in full bloom. There was a lovely breeze and the smell of Honeysuckle was delightful. A lovely Kansas day ūüôā

Prairie Park Daisies

Prairie Park Nature Center Kansas Prairie Park Lawrence Kansas Prairie Park Nature Prairie Park Trina Baker Photography Prairie Park Wildflowers


Matte Wetlands| Trina Baker Photography

I haven’t done any personal shooting in a few weeks. Today I ventured out on a chilly Kansas day to take some photos of the wetlands. I wanted to experiment with some matte finish black and white images. Trying to capture the essence of the day, I think these photos work with the matte look I was going for. ¬†The black and white combined with the tilt shift of the Lensbaby is also a neat look. Sometimes it’s good to play, experiment and grow as a photographer. ¬†All of these images are available in my shop. Simply click on the photo and away you go!


Wetlands Winter Stream gallery 32 etsy

Black and white winter lake gallery32 etsy

Winter landscape Kansas stream Trina Baker Photography

Kansas winter pods gallery32 etsy fine art photographer

Autumn In Kansas| Trina Baker Photography

I went out on a short jaunt through Prairie Park today. ¬†I was hoping to find bits of Autumn in my favorite field and I wasn’t disappointed. ¬†Lovely hues of red and yellow were about everywhere I looked. I edited these images with Kodak Porta UV from VSCO Film and then added a bit of RadLab to give them some drama. ¬†I love all of the bokeh I was able to capture with my Lensbaby with Edge 80. ¬†Autumn is my favorite time of year so be prepared for leaf overload ūüôā


Autumn Red Leaves Field Kansas Landscape gallery32 etsy

Gallery32 etsy Autumn Yellow Fine Art Photos 8x8 Autumn Decor Modern Wall Decor

Gallery32 etsy Autumn Bokeh Red Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos

Autumn Yellow Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos Gallery32etsy

Autumn Red Bokeh Field Kansas Landscape Fine Art Photos 8x8 photo Gallery32

Dessert In B&W| Trina Baker Lawrence,Kansas Photographer

In addition to my love of photography, I also have a passion for baking. ¬†Since it’s St. Valentine’s Day I decided to make a flourless chocolate cake and photograph the process. I am not a food blogger, my friend Megan over at The Flying Fork has that niche covered. ¬†Nor would I consider myself a food photographer. ¬†I do, however, love to photograph kitchen utensils, bowls, mixers, spoons and other items you might find in a kitchen. ¬†That is why I decided to edit these images in black and white. Well, that and the fact I am in one of those phases. I wanted to focus on the shapes, lights and patterns created when making food and that is just easier without color. ¬†Which raises a question. Can you make successful food images in black and white? ¬†Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Baking Trina Baker Photography

KitchenAid Mixer gallery32 etsy

Chocolate Bokeh Trina Baker Lawrence, KS Photographer


egg whites

Mixing gallery32.net

spring pan

Trina Baker Photography

Japanese Friendship Garden

A few quick photos from my visit to the Japanese Friendship Garden here in Lawrence, Kansas. ¬†This garden was built to honor the 10 year anniversary of Lawrence’s relationship with its sister city, Hiratsuka, Japan. ¬†It is a wonderful place to be quiet and enjoy the lovely Peony blooms in the Spring. ¬†There are also some beautiful Iris in the garden as well.


Dress Form

I have been wanting to photograph this dress form since my friend Erin gave it to me. Unfortunately I didn’t have any ideas on how to shoot it. Today I decided to make a tutu for it using some ribbon and tulle that I had left over from another project. Then I walked over to the park and take some images with the Lensbaby. ¬†The first shots were so boring and typical. When I propped it up on some sticks and really enhanced the blur and the images got more interesting. ¬†I am happy with the vintage washed out feel of these images. Happy Sunday!


Artistic Berries

I found these purple berries and really wanted to photograph them with some amazing bokeh behind them. I got a little carried away with the lens blur of my lensbaby, however, I think it works.  I edited them images in Photoshop using RadLab, then added some texture using Chasing Dreams amazing artist textures in their Tour of Europe collection. These textures are bold, colorful and not for the faint of heart. I used the Monet, Pissaro and Delacroix textures and I love how different they are. I love how they emulate the look of film by adding that extra element to the image that gives it warmth and soul.

Dreamy Bokeh Fields


I edited some images with the LensLight app this weekend and I loved the charming heart bokeh effect. ¬†Unfortunately, because I downloaded them from flickr to my iPhone the were not very large and can only be printed in a 5×5 size. ¬†So went in search of some bokeh textures to use in Photoshop so I can offer a few more of these images in a larger size. They are a bit more subtle, however, I still like the effect.

Winter Berries

Some Winter red berries I found and photographed on my walk this weekend.  They really stood out against the washed out field.  Simple, elegant and I just love the bokeh I captured.  On another note, I have started a 30 day photo project with some of my Twitter friends.  We will be taking a photo a day for the next 30 days documenting gratitude.  I am going to document this project over at my Posterous space if you would like to follow along.