Wedding Day In LFK| Trina Baker Photography

About a month ago I met with Lucas and Steph to talk about photographing their wedding. They were so obviously enamored with each other. So in love. I was excited for them an couldn't wait to document their day. We were met with a beautiful, sunny and crisp Kansas Autumn day. A rarity in November for sure. The trees around Danforth Chapel were brimming with color. It was the perfect backdrop for their photos. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their day.



B&W Alley| Trina Baker Photogrpahy

The sun is out and it is slightly warmer today and the lingering snow is melting. Just a quick look of the alley being thawed out. I edited these with VSCO CAM app app for iPhone. Love the faded black and white look.

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Snow Day| Trina Baker Photography

We finally got a substantial snow storm yesterday. 10 inches of fluffy white snow coated everything.  Today I was bold enough to step out with my iPhone and take some photos. I love the stark contrast of shadows against white snow.  Edited with the VSCO app and cropped in Snapseed, I really like the look of these black and white images. Sometimes I am always amazed what can be accomplished with my iPhone and a few apps.  Have a groovy weekend!


Seed Pod

Seed Pod

I took this image in my neighbor’s yard. I have no idea if this is a flower or a weed, but I liked the wispy seed pod.  I wanted this image to be delicate so I washed out the color, added a layer of subtle pink and a layer of black and white to give it some contrast.

On another note, my friend was wearing one of my Art Pendants and ran into the proprietor for the Phoenix Gallery.  I am meeting with her Friday to discuss displaying them, along with my photos in her gallery.  I have had some really great things happen for my art over the last few weeks. I am grateful indeed.


Evening edit: Our pals over at flickr have installed a gallery function that allows you to curate your very own galleries.  Here is my first one. So cool!


Fair Cow


A different photo today of a cow from the Douglas County Fair.  I like the contrast of the black spots against the white coat. Or is it a black coat with white spots? Positive or negative?

A bit of a dreary day, but a perfect day to look through old photos and post some new pendants to the shop.  So hop on over there and take a looky loo!  Also, I think I have finally sorted out my blog design ADD.  With this template I can change the header photo and the background as I please.  You know me, I like change  🙂


Rainy Day

rainy-dayI was downtown on Wednesday watching the Champions League semi finals. I almost always have a camera with me and this day I spotted this woman and her child. There was something about the rain, umbrella, the boys striped shirt that meshed together and caught my eye. So I snapped three or four photos and this was the best one. I ran a filter to add a blue tint which I believe gives it more of a Spring feel. I felt a bit voyeuristic when I took this, but I have been trying to work on my street photos more.

*I have added a few new tulip photos to my etsy shop.



Cloudy Lights 304/365

Cloudy Lights 304/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

I really like the drama created by the stark branches and the clouds. I also like the negative space created by the branches and lights.



Egg Shot 32/365

Egg Shot 32/365, originally uploaded by Gallery32/Chocolata.

I was playing around with the in camera settings on my Sony. It has a setting callled Partial Color that allows you to pick a point to keep the color, then surrounds the  rest of the photo to black and white. Not sure I will use often, but I like the effect in this shot.  It looks like an egg yolk!  Edit: I need to clarify that this is actually carrot juice.