Wedding Day In LFK| Trina Baker Photography

About a month ago I met with Lucas and Steph to talk about photographing their wedding. They were so obviously enamored with each other. So in love. I was excited for them an couldn't wait to document their day. We were met with a beautiful, sunny and crisp Kansas Autumn day. A rarity in November for sure. The trees around Danforth Chapel were brimming with color. It was the perfect backdrop for their photos. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their day.



Autumn Downtown Lawrence|Trina Baker Photogrwphy


I was out and about in downtown Lawrence today. A cloudy, rainy day makes the Autumn colors pop! I simple had to share.



Kansas Autumn |Trina Baker Photography


Ducks at Clinton Lake


This is another image from yesterday’s photo walk to Clinton Lake.  I couldn’t believe how many ducks there were in the water.  I group of them had gathered by the shore and as I walked over to photograph them they were startled and took off in low flight.  What great luck!  Be sure to click on the image to see the detail of them splashing along the water.