Wordless Wednesday: Winter Trina Baker Photography

Winter Trina Baker Phtography


Fine Art Photography by Trina Baker



Original Fine Art Photography gallery32.etsy

Modern Home Decor Trina Baker Photography



A Lovely Suggestion

This week one of my readers left a comment on my Artistic Berries post that when she saw it in her following list page it had snow falling on it and how it made it more lovely. Well, I am not one to ignore a great suggestion so I added a snowflake layer to a couple of images and I love it. They feel so much like Christmas. I have the best, most artistic readers. I have listed these on etsy. Thanks!


Faux Polaroid Transfers

Rita over at The CoffeeShop Blog has a really cool Polaroid transfer kit that is free to download. The kit comes complete with a Photoshop Action, Polaroid clipping mask and textured papers. She even has a tutorial if you don’t want to use the action.  Here are a few examples that I made today. The first one was made with the tutorial and I used the action on the others.  There really isn’t a difference except the action takes no time at all. So fun & super easy. If you like the look of these you should head over and download it.


A Quiet Calm

gallery32 black & white Clinton Lake photo Lawrence Kansas

I wanted to share a larger version of one of the photos I took at the lake yesterday.  I like the tones and the way the trees are reflecting of the water.  I find the serenity of this scene with a fisherman on a cold January day calming.  You can see more of these images in my collection of black & white photos.


Shooting Film

Recently I have been toying around with the idea of shooting with my film cameras again.  When I began taking photos I used a few different cameras and I still have a couple of those left.   I went to Weston, MO to take engagement photos for my good friends and decided that I needed to load up my Canon AE1 with film.  One of the drawbacks of shooting film is that you have to use the entire roll before you can develop it.  I had a few shots left and took it out to finish the roll.  I really like the grain/texture of film.  I also think it has a warmer quality about it that you don’t get with digital images.  I plan to shoot more film soon and have already loaded up the camera with my last roll of color film.  Not to worry though,  I have ordered more 🙂


Shakeit Photo v1.3

The folks over at Banana Camera Company updated their popular Shakeit Photo app.  Highlights of the new app are a larger image, faster shaking and the ability to save original to your phone.  They also changed the processing to feel more like an original Polaroid image.  Lighter tones, a bluer cast and those creamy whites.  I love it!  Unfortunately, a lot of faithful Shakeit Photo users don’t feel the same way.  While I liked the older version it always felt a little heavy handed for me.  I like the subtle tones in the new processing.  You will probably see more than a few of these for the next week.  Enjoy!


A Quick Getaway

I traveled to Weston,  Missouri yesterday with my friends Lauren & Coy to take engagement photos.  It was an unseasonably 70 degrees, which was perfect for photos.  We walked around the town which is so picturesque and got some wonderful images.  Along the way I took some scenic photos for myself.  There were still a bit of color here and there and I will share more photos during the week.  I also took along my film camera, A Canon AE1.  I forgot how much I enjoy using this camera.  There is something so elegant about how simple it is to use. The only thing I missed was looking at the image after I took the photo. I also kept forgetting to advance the film.  Oh how digital has spoiled me.  Hope you had a lovely weekend.


Final Day Roid Week

This phone hangs on our kitchen wall.  I find it funny that we hung it up simply to cover up the ugly phone plate.  I had some Polaroid 600 speed film in my Impulse camera and decided to take some images of objects around my house.  When I first got this film from The Impossible Project I could not get any results.  The film was one of the first batches they produced and was quite unstable.  Somehow letting it sit in the camera for almost a year I finally got some usable images.  Maybe it just needed some time. Weird.  I still have 1 pack of this film left and will probably order more since I know I can use it.  Happy Roid’ Week!


Day 3 Fall Roid’ Week 2010!

I went for a photo walk around Mary’s Lake armed with my Nikon D80 and my Polaroid 104 Land Camera. I was having some exposure issues with my Polaroid, but after some troubleshooting I realized I might just need new batteries. Voila! The photos I took today were 1000 times better than what I was getting yesterday.  Sometimes I forget how simple the Polaroid is and try to over think it.  I was sitting on the dock when these three ducks came over to visit.  I had to wait a moment for them to get close enough to snap the photo. BTW, ducks do not meander in a timely manner.  I like color and the sun bleached trees behind the lake.  I took 5 more Polaroids that you can view on my flickr page along with the other images from today.  I will also post some of my favorite Polaroids from other flickr members later today.  Hope you are having a lovely week!


The Light in August

Sunlit Daisies 224/365 Project

I went to the grocery store and they were selling these lovely pink and white daisies for $1 a bunch.  When’s the last time you bought anything this pretty for a buck? So I brought them home, put them in a vase and took some photos.  I love how the light hits the petals and makes them almost disappear.  This image is now available in my shop and is also available in black & white.