Dessert In B&W| Trina Baker Lawrence,Kansas Photographer

In addition to my love of photography, I also have a passion for baking.  Since it’s St. Valentine’s Day I decided to make a flourless chocolate cake and photograph the process. I am not a food blogger, my friend Megan over at The Flying Fork has that niche covered.  Nor would I consider myself a food photographer.  I do, however, love to photograph kitchen utensils, bowls, mixers, spoons and other items you might find in a kitchen.  That is why I decided to edit these images in black and white. Well, that and the fact I am in one of those phases. I wanted to focus on the shapes, lights and patterns created when making food and that is just easier without color.  Which raises a question. Can you make successful food images in black and white?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Baking Trina Baker Photography

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Chocolate Bokeh Trina Baker Lawrence, KS Photographer


egg whites


spring pan

Trina Baker Photography

My Neighbor’s Garden

I stepped out side last night and saw this wonderful light washing over my neighbor’s garden.  The little bits of spider web and the awesome bokeh are two of my favorite pieces of this image.  For the billionth time, “I love my 50mm f1.8 lens!” Without it I would be lost. I have added this image, as well as, the parasol images to my etsy shop.


Daffodil Buds 86/365 Project

These little buds are just about ready to pop.  We had an unseasonably  warm 80 degree day today.  I should have spent the day outside raking leaves and picking up sticks but chose to clean my studio instead.  It couldn’t wait another minute.  I edited this image with the vintage summer action from Ms. Florabella’s collection. Taken with my Nikon d80 with an aperture of f1.8, I am really liking the blurry leaves in the background and the warmth from the action.  In other news my new website at is up and running which is phase 2 of launching my new portrait business.  I would love to hear your thoughts about the design, layout, photos etc..  Remember it’s a work in progress so be gentle 🙂

Apple Teal Linen 17/365 Project

I downloaded the new action set from Florabella today and they are truly amazing.  I used the teal linen texture on this apple and I like how it looks more like colored pencil than a photo.  I made a triptych, which you can view here,  of  some of the new textures.  Make sure to look at it full screen so you can see all of the texture goodness.  Oh what fun!


Flower Garden

I went over to South Park today and took some photos of all the lovely flowers that have sprung up. It was a bit warm today but it was worth it. I took a ton of photos and you can see them over at my flickr page. I have only uploaded a few, but there will be more in the next few days. My new 50mm lens is amazing. I love the selective focusing that I can achieve along with amazing depth of field. Another neat feature is that the image scale is almost equal to the human eye. It is said that shooting with the ‘Nifty Fifty’ will make you a better photographer. We shall see.