Pink Lily Macros|Trina Baker Photography, Lawrence, Kansas

Some quick photos shot with the Lensbaby Velvet 56 using the macro function. This lens is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Although it is a little tough to focus, especially at f1.8, it creates such dreamy photos that it’s worth it to me to spend some time getting the perfect focus. I edited these images with AlienSkin Exposure 7 using the Fuji 100 film preset. I like how the images have a vintage film look.

Pinkish Lily Macro Trina Baker Photography Trina Baker Photography Portrait Photographer Kansas Pink Lily Pink lily Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Lensbaby Velvet 56|Trina Baker Photography

I got an early birthday present yesterday! A lovely new Lensbaby Velvet 56. It is such an elegant lens. The build quality is solid and the focus ring is so smooth. I just couldn’t wait to shoot with it! Today, after lunch with friends, I ventured out around downtown Lawrence to try it out. I found so many flowers, my fave, and just had a blast shooting with this lens on my D800. I shot on my Mobi EyeFi card so I could transfer the images to my iPad to edit with VSCOcam.  Love the result. I can’t wait to shoot some portraits next week with my senior model. 

  Trina Baker  Photography Lawrence Kansas  

flowers trina baker lawrence kansas photographer  

black and white photo trina baker  

pink flowers trina baker photography  

lensbaby velvet 56 Trina Baker Photography  

black and white flowers trina baker portaits  

lensbaby macro trina baker portrait photogrrwphy  

pink peonies trina baker photography  

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas
white flowers trina baker portrait photography

Pink Lily Macros|Trina Baker Photography 

This beautiful Pink Lily popped up in my garden this week. I simply had to shoot it with the Lensbaby with macro. Enjoy the abstract sweetness ❤️

pink lily trina baker photography  
Lawrence KS photographer  pink lily macro kansas    Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas  lily close up  photography Trina Baker 

Sara In The Studio| Trina Baker Photography

Sara came into the studio and we played dress up with the crinolines, tulle and neck pieces I have been working on. So many combinations! She was a natural in front of the camera. We shot in a few different outfits but I wanted to play with these immediately. I edited these photos on my iPad using the RePix and VSCOcam apps. Fun to play around with adding a bit of texture and painterly effects to the work. I will share more from this shoot soon ❤️

Portrait photographer Trina baker     Lawrence, Kansas Photographer

Portrait photographer Trina baker

Lawrence portrait photographer

Glamour photographer Trina baker

Spring Iris Macro|Trina Baker Photography

I want to print some floral images for my kitchen so today I went wondering around with my Lensbaby to get some shots. The Iris had some really amazing abstract shapes to them and I decided to shoot them with the +10 macro attachment. Edited in AlienSkin with the Polaroid 669 with cyan preset, I love how ethereal and whimsical these turned out. Now to pick three for the kitchen. Sigh. Decisions. Which three would you choose? Leave a comment!


Yellow Iris petal Macro Trina Baker Photograph Trina Baker Photography Nature Photography Trina Baker Photography  Lawrence Kansas Lawrence Kansas Photographer Trina Baker Photography Kansas Photographer Trina Baker

Ann Dean 365|Trina Baker Photography 

I stopped by the Lawrence Arts Center to see Ann Dean’s 365 project. Some really wonderful work from one of my favorite artists. Here a few of my faves 🙂

 Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas photographer  
Lawrence  Kansas portrait photographer  portrait photography Trina Baker  Trina Baker childrens photographer kansas  Kansas photographer Trina Baker  Lawrence Arts Center Trina Baker Photography Kansas  Lawrence Kansas photos Trina Baker 

In My Garden|Trina Baker Photography

My spring garden is in full bloom. Here are a few photos with the Lensbaby Double Glass Optic and 10+ Macro. These were edited on my iPad with VSCOcam.

Trina Baker Photos purple Iris

Trina Baker Photography Purple Iris Lawrence Kansas Photography Trina Baker Faded Tulip Trina Baker P
Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Lensbaby Mobile In My Garden|Trina Baker Photography

Purple Tulip Trina Baker PhotosTrina Baker Photography Lawrence KS Macro TulipsDandelions Trina Baker Photography Lensbaby Kansas

Lawrence KS portrait photography Macro Dandelions Lawrence KS TrinaBaker

I am not the best gardener on the planet, however, I am the Tulip master. Today I wanted to make some abstract images from my garden. Off I went with my Lensbaby mobile lens, LM-10,  and my iPhone 6 and took some shots. I am really loving this lens lately. When I first shot with it I was not impressed. It sat untouched in my bag for a few months. About a month ago I started using it again and something clicked. I figured out how to use the blur and embrace the depth of field. Experimenting with this lens has really made me slow down and be more aware of composition. A really good lesson indeed.


Trina Baker Photography Blog

Trina Baker Photography Portraits Lawrence Kansas

I have been busy updating my photography website.  I will be blogging about my sessions over on that site and posting links to them here as well. This site will continue to be a personal endeavor about my daily musings. Please stop over and take a look!


Valentines Day Sessions|Trina Baker Photography

Here’s a quick look at my Valentines Day sessions from last weekend. So many lovely families and Munchkins ❤️

Along the Kansas River|Trina Baker Photography

Another beautiful January Kansas Day and I ventured to take a walk along the river. Yesterday I received my new Lensbaby Composer Pro with the Sweet 50 optic so I had to go play. This lens has a sweet spot in the middle with a 50mm focal length. These images were edited with Alienskin Exposure 7 using the Kodacolor 1942 preset with light leaks on some images. Until today, I really haven’t had a lot of time to play with Exposure 7. There are so many film emulating presets one could play forever! Love it!


TBP_5148Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, KS portrait photographyTBP_5172TBP_5155TBP_5157TBP_5153TBP_5168

Mobile Photography With Mobi Eye-Fi Card

Today I went out to take some photos around Mary’s Lake. I decided to shoot with my Nikon D800 with Mobi Eye-Fi Card, Lensbaby Composer with Edge 80 optic and my iPhone 6. The goal was to take images, use the Mobi card, port the images to my iPhone and edited them in VSCOcam. The Mobi card sets up a wireless connection on your iPhone and transfers the photos directly to your phone. How cool is that?

I love that it is possible to be completely mobile without using all of my precious bandwidth. It will be something I will do when traveling and possibly during studio shoots.

The 8gb Mobi Eye-Fi card holds 700 JPEG images, it does not shoot RAW, which is more than enough for a weekend of shooting. The card downloads smaller images to your iPhone and keeps the larger files on the card so you can edit in Photoshop later.

So here are the photos. Edited in black and white with VSCOcam.