VSCO Instant Film Set | Trina Baker Photography

I went to the South Park today to snap some quick photos before it got hot today. I wanted to play around with the VSCO Instant Film Set. LOVE.  These images were edited with the 669 preset. So warm and lovely.  I used to shoot a lot of Polaroid film, before they went out of business, so I was quite excited when this set was released.  I have tried some of the Impossible Project Film but it just wasn’t right for me.  These instant film ACR presets are just amazing!  I so love the matte finish and muted warm tones. They really represent what Polaroid film looked like.  These images were shot with my Lensbaby, of course, with the Edge 80 opetic and edited with the 669 film in one of the four presets. There are 22 film stocks with about 4-5 variations with each one.  Also, I added a subtle lens flare in Photoshop to add a little drama.  I would love to know your thoughts on these images.

Trina Baker Photography Fine Art Photography

South Park Gazebo Lawrence Kansas Trina Baker Photography

Yellow Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas

Purple Field Trina Baker Photography Gallery32

Gazebo Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography Kansas

Summer Solstice Begins

Multi Colored Lily 169/365 Project

Today is the first day of the Summer solstice and the longest day of the year here in North America.  In fine Kansas fashion the day opened with sun, then a thunderstorm rolled through and now the sky is a lovely shade of blue.  The temperature is excepted to top out near 97 degrees today so I will be spending my afternoon at my favorite pub watching the World Cup.

These Lilies made an appearance this weekend and I am not quite sure where the came from.  Flowers seem to just appear in my yard thanks to what can only be explained as garden gnomes.  I like the pink and yellow hues of this flower combined with the bright green of the leaves.  I have added a few Polaroids to my shop today and will add some more later. Happy Monday!


Blue Parasol 141/365 Project

It’s been a few days since I have posted. There was a lot of working and golfing over the past few days.  I thought I would share some photos of one of the a paper parasols that I purchased over the last week.  It took me awhile to figure out a way to showcase it and then I decided to pair it with a classic camera.  I love the soft tones and the bokeh of the camera in the background.  Of course I took more than one photo which you can see on my flickr page. Some of these will also be available in my etsy shop later today.  Thanks for looking!


“Roid Week Day 5 Favs

1. Moo!, 2. sheep_meadow, 3. on track, 4. sakura – endless, 5. Roid Week Day 5, 6. Her Name Is Luna, 7. ., 8. Tennessee_Window-sx70, 9. Golden Gate, 10. Untitled, 11. What Else?, 12. Untitled, 13. look up!, 14. I owe you so many a word. But you :, 15. , 16. The Sun Is But A Morning Star

“Roid Week Day5: 122/365 Project

Today is officially the last day of ‘Roid Week.  It just seems to go so fast.  I am attending a baby shower this afternoon and bought this cute little pink polka-dotted dress for the new munchkin.  I decided to take a quick photo before I wrapped it up.  The wind was gusty today and right as a clicked the shutter it blew the dress around thus making it a bit out of focus.  Oh well.  I hope you all have enjoyed the photos this week.  I enjoyed this 5 day project so much, I am thinking of a new one for next week.  Until then!


‘Roid Week Day4 Favs

1. The Sun Is But A Morning Star, 2. Untitled, 3. Untitled, 4. Roid(stax)-week #1, 5. Carousel, 6. up…, 7. swampwater, 8. The Road Home, 9. Pear, 10. do you know?, 11. ID-UV haystack rock cape kiwanda, 12. Birds 066

‘Roid Week Day 4: 121/365 Project

I took this photo this morning of the light streaming through my front door.  I like the way the type 100 blue film captures light.  The lines and shapes are intriguing to me.  I will post some favorites later this afternoon.  On another note, I have re-designed my website to a more professional design to promote my upstart portrait business.  So head over to Gallery32 and let me know your thoughts!


‘Roid Week Day 3 Favs!

1. Flags, 2. fishing port #1, 3. Sunday morning, 4. golden gold goldness, 5. Blue Steel, 6. One Could Break The Silence As Easily As The Other, 7. Far behind #2, 8. infinity., 9. yellow polariod

‘Roid Week Day3: 120/365 Project

I took this image of the lamp in my living room mostly to see if the camera would expose a dimly lit photo properly.  I love the shapes and the stark nature of the light in this image coupled with the softness of the exposure. the I also took a test photo with my iPhone to see how that wold look as well.  I am having so much fun challenging myself to find images and scenes that really showcase this genre. Will post some favorites later today from the ‘Roid Week flickr pool. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that my new flashy website is live so go have a look!


‘Roid Week Day 2 Favs!

1. a r o i d, 2. Untitled, 3. tower house, 4. Daydream, 5. Untitled, 6. hydrangea, 7. WPPD 2010 #7, 8. mod shop, 9. reservation, 10. , 11. like a giant pantone chip board, 12. MAC

‘Roid Week Day 2: 119/365 Project

This photo of a cement factory was taken just east of my house.  I liked how brightly white the factory looked against the blue Kansas sky.  I shot this on Type 100 Blue Polaroid film with my 104 Land Camera.  I like that it has a cyanotype feel about it.  This camera was made from 1965-1967 and it still works.  I am curious, do you have anything that’s 40 plus years old that still works?  Granted, I did have to re-wire the camera to take modern batteries but other than that it is in factory conditions.  I think that’s why I love it.  When I am out shooting with this camera I get the oddest stares and people are quite curious as to what I am doing with this contraption. The best part is it still takes cool images. Happy ‘Roid Week!


‘Roid Week 2010 Day 1: 118/365 Project

‘Roid Week 2010 is finally here!  Twice a year, Spring and Fall, Polaroid users dust off their cameras and shoot lovely instant goodness.  I am most excited because I have some new film from the Impossible Project to shoot and a new/old  Polaroid 104 Land Camera.  Last Fall, due to the demise of instant film, I could not participate in ‘Roid Week, however, this year I am shooting all instant Polas all week!  So come back for the fun and stop by the flickr group to see the fabulous images other Polas are taking.