Nikkor 28mm Wide | Trina Baker Photography

I recently purchased the Nikkor 28mm Wide lens from Amazon. Today was my day to go out and play with it a bit.  This little manual focus lens is amazing on my D800.  Very sharp, easy to focus and oh so light.  It works great on architecture shots because it gives you the ability to shoot from below and get most of the image in the frame. I edited these with VSCO Ilford HP5 preset for ACR.  I love the subtle grain of this preset.  These images will be available in my etsy shop as prints and a 2014 calendar. Summer is winding down and I will be writing in this space more often!

Happy Saturday!


Trina Baker Photography gallery32 etsy

gallery32 etsy Trina Baker Photography

Lawrence Kansas photographer Trina Baker Photography

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas Photographer

Eldridge Hotel Lawrence Kansas Trina Baker gallery32

Granada Theatre Lawrence Kansas gallery32 etsy


Saturday Garden | Trina Baker Photography

I was out on a portrait shoot this morning and after it was over I decided to snap some photos of the lovely Summer garden.  The Daisies and Coneflowers were in full bloom and so pretty.  This week I bit the bullet and purchased a set of presets for ACR from VSCOFilm.  Today was the first day I had to experiment with them and I have to say, I am loving them!  These presets are designed to give you the look and feel of classic film stocks. They do a great job don’t you think?  There are 11 differnt films from Fuji, Kodak and Ilford with 4 variations of each.  I had a difficlut time choosing which one to use but finally settled on Kodak Porta 400.  You will see a lot of my photos edited with these presets in the near future.

Happy Saturday!


Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography


Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas Photographer

Trina Baker Photography

Lawrence, Kansas Portrait Photographer

World Pinhole Day | Trina Baker Photography

Sunday was World Pinhole Photography Day. I always have these lovely plans of making a DIY pinhole camera. However, the day comes and I am usually not prepared or too busy to play. This year I bought a Pinhole body cap for my Nikon D800 and was up on the KU Campus and ready to shoot. Since I haven’t used this cap these are pretty basic images. I put my camera in bulb and just started shooting. I think with some practice, and with my tripod, I could get some better images. Challenge!






Spring Magnolias | Trina Baker Photography

These pretty Spring Magnolias were just begging me to photograph them. Luckily I had my trusty camera with me. Unfortunately, I only had my 85mm lens and not my favorite Lensbaby. I was little upset that I didn’t have it with me but decided that i should accept challenge and shoot with the lens I had. The 85mm lens was divine. I shot at f2.8 and bumped up my ISO to about 800 to adjust for the overcast day. I edited these in two different ways, stark and a matte finish. I like both for different reasons. Which do you like better? Hope you have a groovy day!







Dessert In B&W| Trina Baker Lawrence,Kansas Photographer

In addition to my love of photography, I also have a passion for baking.  Since it’s St. Valentine’s Day I decided to make a flourless chocolate cake and photograph the process. I am not a food blogger, my friend Megan over at The Flying Fork has that niche covered.  Nor would I consider myself a food photographer.  I do, however, love to photograph kitchen utensils, bowls, mixers, spoons and other items you might find in a kitchen.  That is why I decided to edit these images in black and white. Well, that and the fact I am in one of those phases. I wanted to focus on the shapes, lights and patterns created when making food and that is just easier without color.  Which raises a question. Can you make successful food images in black and white?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Baking Trina Baker Photography

KitchenAid Mixer gallery32 etsy

Chocolate Bokeh Trina Baker Lawrence, KS Photographer


egg whites


spring pan

Trina Baker Photography

January Wetlands: Trina Baker Photography

It was a warmish day, about 45 degrees, which is balmy in January in Kansas.  I decided to take advantage and head over to the Baker Wetlands to shoot some photos.  These images were edited with Florabella’s Matte Action from her Colorplay Action Set and then textures were added using 2 Lil’ Owls Studio’s Nostalgia textures.  I really love the effect. I have used textures in the past, however, lately I have been a bit more bold with them. What are your thoughts on textures?  Do you like them subtle or bold? I would love to know your thoughts.



Trina Baker Photography Kansas Photographer


Landscape Photography gallery32 etsy


Kansas Landscape Photography Trina Baker


Textured Landscape Photography gallery32 etsy


Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas Photographer



Old Tin Shack

I went over by the Kansas River today to shoot some photos of it frozen over. However, on the way I spied this old tin shack next to Johnny’s Tavern. Couldn’t resist taking photos. I never made it to the river. I love it when I discover something new to shoot in my town.






A Rose is a Rose

I got my new Nikon D800 today and had to rush out to find some flowers to take photos of.  This is my first full frame camera, although these were shot with a DX lens so they are not full frame.  I didn’t think it would make that big of a difference, but boy was I wrong.  It is a lovely piece of equipment.  I will be posting a lot about it in the next few weeks as I learn all the bells and whistles. Until then enjoy some Roses!


Lawrence, Kansas Photographer, Trina Baker

Trina Baker Photography, gallery32, Lawrence, Kansas


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