A Lensbaby Night Out In LFK!

Those of you who have visited my blog before know my love of my Lensbaby lenses. I am obsessed with the blur, bokeh and how creatively I can bend the perspective. Last night I took it to work with me and took some night shots with my Nikon D300s. Using the Sweet 50 optic I looked for the street lights and neons and tried to find distinct angles to showcase the night. I want to showcase a different Lensbaby optic each week so watch this space.

Do you have a favorite Lensbaby optic or lens? I love them all but would love to know your favorite.


Kansas Autumn |Trina Baker Photography


South Park Summer Blooms|Trina Baker Photography

I needed to get out and shoot for fun today. My portrait studio is keeping me quite busy this Summer. This afternoon I ventured down to South Park to take some photos with my Lensbaby Velvet 56. It is super hot here today so I only shot for about 15 minutes, however, I love the images I captured. These were edited with VSCOcam on my iPad with the “Essence” preset. I love the look of old matte film. Thanks for looking. Leave a comment so I know you were here ❤️

Trina Baker Photography Lawrence Kansas  







Lensbaby Mobile In My Garden|Trina Baker Photography

Purple Tulip Trina Baker PhotosTrina Baker Photography Lawrence KS Macro TulipsDandelions Trina Baker Photography Lensbaby Kansas

Lawrence KS portrait photography Macro Dandelions Lawrence KS TrinaBaker

I am not the best gardener on the planet, however, I am the Tulip master. Today I wanted to make some abstract images from my garden. Off I went with my Lensbaby mobile lens, LM-10,  and my iPhone 6 and took some shots. I am really loving this lens lately. When I first shot with it I was not impressed. It sat untouched in my bag for a few months. About a month ago I started using it again and something clicked. I figured out how to use the blur and embrace the depth of field. Experimenting with this lens has really made me slow down and be more aware of composition. A really good lesson indeed.


Grinter Farms Sunflower Field|Trina Baker Photography

Today I made my annual end of Summer trek to Grinter Farms.  This is one of the most amazing Sunflower fields you will ever see. Acres upon acres of beautiful yellow blooms. It is simply divine. I took these images with my Lensbaby Composer with the Edge80 optic and Double Glass with 10+ macro filters. They were then edited in Exposure 6 with light filters added. If you happen to stop by please remember to leave a donation. The Grinter’s plant this field every year for our pleasure so please show them some support and enjoy the view 🙂


Sunflower Farm Trina Baker Photography

Yellow Sunflower Macro Gallery32 Photography etsy

Photography Yellow Sunflower Field Gallery32 etsy

Yellow Sunflower Macro Trina Baker Photography

Yellow Sunflower Bloom Gallery32 Photography etsy

Lensbaby Mobile LM10 Lens| Trina Baker Photography

I got my Lensbaby mobile lens this week and I love it! It’s really great to have the Lensbaby in my pocket ready to capture and embrace the blur at a moments notice. The lens was part of a Kicstarter campaign and will be available for purchase later this year. Here are some of my favorite images from this week edited with the VSCO app.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!









Saturday Garden | Trina Baker Photography

I was out on a portrait shoot this morning and after it was over I decided to snap some photos of the lovely Summer garden.  The Daisies and Coneflowers were in full bloom and so pretty.  This week I bit the bullet and purchased a set of presets for ACR from VSCOFilm.  Today was the first day I had to experiment with them and I have to say, I am loving them!  These presets are designed to give you the look and feel of classic film stocks. They do a great job don’t you think?  There are 11 differnt films from Fuji, Kodak and Ilford with 4 variations of each.  I had a difficlut time choosing which one to use but finally settled on Kodak Porta 400.  You will see a lot of my photos edited with these presets in the near future.

Happy Saturday!


Daisy Field Trina Baker Photography


Trina Baker Photography Lawrence, Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas Photographer

Trina Baker Photography

Lawrence, Kansas Portrait Photographer

Lensbaby Macro | Trina Baker Photography

Just a few quick shots taken with my Lensbaby with macro attachment. While I am not too fond of matte processing, on these images it seems to work. There is hardly any black or sharp contrast so the matte processing adds a certain mystery to these photos. What do you think? Does it work or not? I would love to know your thoughts!  Here’s hoping to fun outdoor weekend plans!

Trina Baker Lawrence, Kansas photographer


Trina Baker Photography gallery32 etsy

Trina Baker Lawrence, KS Portrait Photographer


Japanese Friendship Garden | Trina Baker Photography

A few days ago I stopped by the Japanese Friendship Garden to shoot some photos. I found these wonderful Spring blooms in this truly magical place. I walked around enjoying this peaceful, beautiful place for about an hour. Rejuvenating.







Pretty Pink Spring Blooms | Trina Baker Photography

I went out to check the mail today and saw this pretty pink blooming tree and ran inside to grab my camera with Lensbaby Edge80 optic. It was an overcast day so the colors of the blooms were just popping off the tree. I edited these with Florabella’s Classic Workflow action mixed with a little Sweet Tea and Pink Fade. I also added a bit of texture and a subtle cloud background. I was hesitant about adding the cloud background, but after adding a layer mask and erasing a bit of it in places I like how it added a lovely blue tint to the images. Enjoy your week.







Daffodil Blue Vase | Trina Baker Photography

Although it is Spring here, it’s supposed to get below freezing tonight. Some of my daffodil’s have bloomed so I thought I would bring them in too enjoy them rather than let them die outside. I love they way they compliment this blue vase. Aw Spring in Kansas.