Grinter Farms|Trina Baker Photography

Here in Kansas we love our Sunflowers. After all, it is our state flower.  Over at Grinter Farm’s, Farmer Ted (yes that is his real name and not a nickname from 16 Candles) has planted one million sunflowers on his land for all to enjoy. The blanket of golden blooms has become a pilgrimage for fellow Kansans. A rite of passage from Summer to Autumn. It’s also an amazing place to take photos. Yesterday I had an engagement session scheduled so I arrived a bit early to snap some photos. 

Shot with my Nikon D800, 80-200mm, and Lensbaby Edge 80, then edited in Lightroom Mobile on my iPad. Trying to decide if I like the app or not, however, that’s for another post. Until then enjoy the photos! 


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kansas sunflowers trina baker photography  portrait studio lawrence kansas sunflowers  

Trina Baker Photo studio Lawrence KS  Trina Baker Photgography Lawrence Kansas portrait studio 

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