Natural Light Studio| Trina Baker Photography

Recently I have been working to shoot in the “backlight” in my studio. I have a lovely space with giant ceilings and loads of natural light streaming in that I wanted to take advantage of. The first images I took I was scared to put my models in front of the window even though I knew it would be an amazing shot. Finally, after doing some research and some trial and error, I finally figured it out.

I hung some sheer white panels on the windows to diffuse the light. I also employed a large white sheet of foam core to reflect light back to the model. Finally, I set my camera to spot metering and shot at 640 ISO at f2.o.

The images below were all shot with my Nikon D800, 85mm f2.8 lens and some amazing Northern light. You can see more of my portrait work at Trina Baker Photography.

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