Mobile Photography With Mobi Eye-Fi Card

Today I went out to take some photos around Mary’s Lake. I decided to shoot with my Nikon D800 with Mobi Eye-Fi Card, Lensbaby Composer with Edge 80 optic and my iPhone 6. The goal was to take images, use the Mobi card, port the images to my iPhone and edited them in VSCOcam. The Mobi card sets up a wireless connection on your iPhone and transfers the photos directly to your phone. How cool is that?

I love that it is possible to be completely mobile without using all of my precious bandwidth. It will be something I will do when traveling and possibly during studio shoots.

The 8gb Mobi Eye-Fi card holds 700 JPEG images, it does not shoot RAW, which is more than enough for a weekend of shooting. The card downloads smaller images to your iPhone and keeps the larger files on the card so you can edit in Photoshop later.

So here are the photos. Edited in black and white with VSCOcam.








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