5 Little Known Facts About William S. Burroughs|Trina Baker Photography


The Lawrence Arts Center is celebrating the 100 year birth of William S. Burroughs with an impressive exhibit. Burroughs made is home here in Lawrence, Kansas from 1981 until his death in 1997. The exhibit consist of his paintings, prints, spoken word and multi media experiments. Most famously known for his novel Naked Lunch here are Five little known facts about Mr. Burroughs.

1.Burroughs used his first gun at age eight.

2. The same year, he wrote his first short story, “The Autobiography of a Wolf.”

3. Burroughs was introduced to opium by his family’s housekeeper.

4. Burroughs said that cutting off his little finger was part of “an initiation ceremony into the Crow Indian tribe

5. Burroughs met his future common-law wife Joan Vollmer through Jack Kerouac, who was dating her roommate, Edie Parker.









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