Pink Hydrangeas| Trina Baker Photography

I just wanted to share these lovely Pink Hydrangeas with you for the weekend. My goal is to try to keep this plant alive until I can plant it in my garden this Spring. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Have a great weekend.







3 thoughts on “Pink Hydrangeas| Trina Baker Photography

  1. I have never worked with hydrangeas myself, but I know they change color due to the pH levels in the soil. They are sensitive to the soil they are planted in, just be mindful of that and I am sure you’ll be fine. When I have enough time to plant some I will be doing lots of googling and I am sure I will find out a lot more 🙂

  2. Looks like an azalea rather than hydrangea, but hard to keep going as a house plant either way. Love azaleas, love your photos more, but mine always dry up and die.

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