Friday Morning With Liz

My friend Liz and I have been planning to get together for a photo shoot for quite some time. This morning we finally made it happen. We ventured over to Prairie Park and simply wondered around and shot some photos with the Lensbaby. My vision was to create simple and elegant images with a sense of movement. I began editing these images in color, using Florabella’s new ColorPlay actions,and then had the idea to edit in a vintage black and white tones. Both styles enhance these images quite well, however, I tend to like the black and white photos a bit more. I would love to know which edit you like better, so leave a comment. Happy weekend!







3 thoughts on “Friday Morning With Liz

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but my book, The Bellman Chronicles, will be FREE to download on Sept. 10 – 11! Check it out on my Amazon Kindle page.. You won’t be disappointed. And if you can slip me a review, I’d be forever grateful…
    Great shots, by the way!

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