Summer Yellow Finds

I went out early this morning to snap some quick photos before it got blazing hot.  We are in the middle of a wicked heat wave here in Sunny Kansas and I didn’t want to melt.  Armed with my  trusty Nikon D300 with my Lensbaby attached,  I found this lovely field of yellow wildflowers.  My Sweet 35 optic captured all of the lovely bokeh and light to perfection. The light was really dancing among these flowers with the gentle breeze.  I wanted these images to have a painterly feel to them so I added a bit of texture to play that up. I don’t use textures on all of my work, however, I really love it on these photos.

Which brings me to a question for you, what are your thoughts on using textures? Love it? Hate it?  I have been having this discussion with my fPOE ladies and was just wanted to get some feedback.  I will post a poll so you can vote.



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