Pretty Pink Peonies

My lovely friend Lisa allows me to pick her pretty pink Peonies every year. Today I was at Target and saw this turquoise vase that I thought would set them off nicely.  So off I went to pick some Peonies to photograph. I thought I might show you the difference between three of the Lensbaby optics since each one has distinct qualities.

Let’s begin with the Double Glass Optic whose main feature is tack sharp center focus with radial blur. I really like the drama of this optic.

Taken with Lensbaby Composer with Double Glass Optic

Next is the Soft Focus Optic which creates velvety soft focus. I haven’t used this optic much but I love the painterly effect on this vase of peonies.

Lensbaby Composer with Soft Focus Optic

Finally, the Edge 80 Optic with it’s slice of blur and adjustable aperture. You know I adore this optic. It hardly leaves my camera. For me this optic has the sharpness of the Double Glass and the ability to soften areas like the Soft Focus Optic all in one lens.

Lensbaby Composer with Edge80 Optic

I really enjoy the flexibility the Lensbaby system gives me. I don’t have all of the optics…yet. Someday.  I wold love to know which optic you like best. Leave a comment so I know you were here.


8 thoughts on “Pretty Pink Peonies

  1. You have peonies out already, lucky you, I’m jealous, mine are still struggling to leave the ground 😦

    Such lovely photos, I love all of the effects as they draw your eye to different aspects of each image 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, cheers, T. 🙂

  2. I agree! The colors are wonderful together. The 3rd lens is really really nice too. I have been considering Lensbaby but just hadn’t had the time to see which lens would suit my taste. Thanks for the mini review & eye candy!

    1. Thanks Rachel. If you want to add little artistry to your photos I highly recommend the Lensbaby system. I love being able to create unique images in camera.

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