Tweeting About Holga

Last week Photojojo was giving away discount codes for tweeting about their products. Since I love everything from Photojojo I immediately tweeted away. I was the lucky recipient of a $10 discount and I used it to buy the Holga iPhone lens.  Here is the description from their website:

It’s like having 9 toy cameras all in one: lenses for dreamy vignettes, vibrant red and green color lenses, multi-image lenses for Spidey-vision (double, triple, and quadruple images), a macro lens for beautiful close-up detail and red, yellow, and blue filters with clear centers for framing your subjects!Just spin the disk and position your lens of choice over your iPhone’s camera. You can preview the effect on your screen, then fire away!
It has a clear heart shaped filter which was perfect for the clouds today. I also like the double, triple and quad overlay effects. The case itself is not very sturdy so I wouldn’t recommend leaving it on your camera unless you are using it. That being sad I am quite happy with my purchase. Do you have a favorite gadget that you can’t live without?

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