Dried Roses

I took these photos of some dried roses this morning.  The textures and tones of dried flowers have always intrigued me. So I used the  app called 100 Cameras in 1.  This is a great tool for editing on the iPhone.  There are 100 filters and you can overlay as many as you want, tweak the transparency and favorite the ones you use often.  It does support full resolution and allows you to share with facebook, twitter, flickr and Instagram.  I used a few different filters on these to enhance the texture and feel of the dried flowers and I simply love the result. I will post these for sale later today in my etsy shop.


9 thoughts on “Dried Roses

  1. Did you take these photos with the iPhone camera? It’s absolutely amazing what can be done with apps. I am experimenting with several now to see what results I get. Have you used Filterstorm?

    1. Lulu, I took these with the iPhone 4. I have so much fun with the apps. I haven’t tried Filterstorm but I am off to check it out. Thanks for the lovely comments 🙂

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