A Dusting Of Snow

Two days ago it was 52 degrees here in Sunny Kansas. However, in typical Kansas fashion the temperature dropped, we had a dusting of snow and today it is a chilly 18 degrees.  I ran out to take some quick photos and then promptly ran back inside to hide under a blanket.  I have been in a black & white mood lately and thought these photos lent themselves nicely to the process.  I wanted to capture graphic lines and contrast to illustrate the harshness of the weather change.  I am happy with my first snow images of the year.


8 thoughts on “A Dusting Of Snow

  1. I live near Salina and we did not get that much. We had a bit of white but I took photos anyway. We had so little I think moon light could have melted it!

    Nice photos. I love B&W photos.

  2. Midwest weather is so fickle! You’re brave, I took a couple pics out the window and called it a day LOL. It was just too windy and cold. Nice Shots!

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