Flower Bib NecklaceTutorial

This Summer I began to see these bib necklaces pop up everywhere.  Covered in fabric flowers and beads I wanted one to dress up my t-shirts. I decided to make one for myself.  After wearing it out a few times my girlfriends began to want them as well. So I thought I would make a tutorial to show you how I make these. Pretty easy peasy!

First you need to gather your materials. You will need:

6 felt circles, about 2″ diameter

45 fabric circles, 2″ diameter, 15 for each flower

Glue gun


Ribbon for necklace

Begin by cutting out all of your circles and organize them into 3 piles for each necklace. Next, take one fabric circle and fold it in half and then into a triangle. Glue the triangle at the fold.

Now you want to start gluing the triangles to the felt circle base. Start in the middle and then work your way out to the edges.

Here are two finished flowers. You can see that I added a rhinestone bead to the middle and then glued the triangles around it to the edges.

Now we need to attach the flowers to the ribbon. Do this by gluing the ribbon to the back of the flower and then gluing one of the felt circles over that.

And here is the finished necklace. I hope you make one of these for yourself and rock it out with your favorite jeans and t-shirt.

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