A Snowflake Tutorial

I didn’t have much to do today so I thought I would make some snowflakes.  You will need paper, a snowflake template and scissors to complete this project.

I downloaded some snowflake templates from here, which were quite helpful.  There are tons of them on the internet so just find the one you like.


Next you are going to cut out the template and fold it.


When you are done folding you will have a triangle with black cutout marks to trim away.


After you are done trimming you will have a lovely snowflake. YAY!


I used a sheet of patterned paper to make a fancier, more colorful snowflake. When printing these make sure the patterned side is face up so you can see the printer marks on the plain side.


I hung this one in my studio window.


And these were taped and hung as well. I love how the light is filtering through. Happy days!


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