How To Use Your Pinterest Boards

I have a Pinterest problem.  I can’t seem to stay off of that site no matter how hard I try.  Worst yet is that most of my friends have the same problem.  So I was thinking how I could use these virtual collectibles in a creative way.  I found my answer over at Big Huge Labs.  They have a Mosaic Maker that you can simply, pick a layout,  enter the photo’s url, right click on image and choose copy url,  you want to use and voila. Instant collage.

That was fun, but surely we can do more with this photo. Indeed we can. Upload your mosaic from Big Huge Labs to Flickr.  Go to the image and copy the url and head over to COLOURlovers and go to PHOTOCOPA under tools.  This tool allows you to load your photo, via url, and generates a palette based on the colors in the image. You can then pick 5 colors, create a palette and then save it to your profile to share. Pretty cool.

Now you can publish your palette and make fabric with it, create artwork, facebook, tweet, paint a room or design your twitter background with themeleon.  I used this palette to create my twitter background. The possibilities are endless! I would love to know how you would use your palette.


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