52 Week Project/ Week 11

This week’s project is the TTV Studio Pro app.  This app simulates the popular Through the Viewfinder technique. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I am a TTV fanatic.  I couldn’t wait to get my new iPhone 4 so I could try it out.  This app has a nice variety of simulated old lenses to choose from including Kodak Duaflex, the most popular ttv bottom camera,  Argus 75, what I use as my ttv bottom camera,  Brownie, Bronica SQAi, Super Ricohflex, Rolleiflex and some others that are quite unique.  It supports the full resolution of the iPhone 4 so the images can be printed to a good size.  Besides choosing your classic viewfinder you can also change the brightness, contrast, opacity and add color filters if you want. These photos were taken at the Schaake Pumpkin Patch here in Lawrence.  I really like this app and am going to enjoy playing around with it this week.




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