52 Week Project/ Week 3


This week we are going to play around with an iPhone app called 100 Cameras in 1.  I stumbled upon this app yesterday and have been unable to stop using it. The app itself is pretty straight forward. You either take a photo or import an image from your library and start scrolling through the different filters until you find one that you like and then save.  After that you can go through the filters again and add them to the photo you just saved.  It allows you to build layers of effects on top of each other.  This appeals to my inner Photoshop freak.  I had to stop myself from going overboard, which is easy to do. I also like that you can save your images 1200×1200 and share with twitter, facebook, flickr and instagram within the app.  Here are a few photos I took yesterday while at a friend’s house for dinner.  I just love the texture and vibrant colors in these images. I will be posting more images made with this app throughout the week so check back often.


p.s. The first two photos are available on etsy during the BOGOsale!




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