TTV Revisited

When I started taking photos, again, 6 years ago I discovered TTV. I was so obsessed with the medium I took over 400 photos in about 3 months. Soon everybody and their dog were taking TTV photos so I decided to take a break. However, with the addition of my Sigma 105mm lens, I thought I might try again.  Armed with new techniques, equipment and skills I was very excited. I went into my studio and looked around for some materials to build my new contraption. I made a promise to myself that I would not purchase any new crafty materials this year and that I would use only what I already had. Turns out I had everything I needed. It was actually a lot of fun scouring through materials and deciding how I wanted it too look. So I am back in the TTV game and I love how the photos turned out.  This lens is great for TTV. So sharp and it adds some lovely bokeh as well.


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