Springtime in Kansas

My daffodils are about finished blooming so I thought I would bring a few inside to photograph. I love to put flowers in mason jars instead of vases. To me it feels like being in my grandmother’s house.  She would always cut flowers from her garden, put them in mason jars and spread them throughout her home.  Now that I think about it she must have used the mason jars because they were empty from the Winter.

Along with the daffodils I skulked around to my neighbor’s backyard and clipped a bloom off her tree.  I wanted to get a different point of view so I stood on a kitchen chair and shot it from above. I like how the blooms in the water are the focal point and the rest of the image just floats away.  I might have some exciting news to report in the next week so stay tuned.


One thought on “Springtime in Kansas

  1. Lovely. Your spring is way ahead of mine for the first crocuses are just appearing here. But I have this to look forward to.

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