Rollei 35mm Landscapes

Today I picked up the photos taken with the Rollei 35mm LED and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  Considering that I guessed the film speed and the exposure, I need to purchase a battery so the light meter works, they turned out great.  I like how the Winter sky looks so blue and the contrast between the snow and grass.  The focus isn’t tack sharp, however, that doesn’t bother me. These are scanned from photos and I think I need to get/build a negative scanner to see what a scanned negative looks like.  Yay another project!


2 thoughts on “Rollei 35mm Landscapes

  1. Hello! I randomly found your blog through wordpress. I shoot with film too, and I swear half the time I get the focusing wrong lol. Anyways, these are great film shots! I especially like what you did with the second photo. Very nice!

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